Fantastic day with Cris…

Our group of 6 thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Prosecco area with Cris as our guide. While driving to the wineries, Cris gave us a thorough overview of the area and the unique characteristics of the wine produced there, even within a very short distance inside its’ boundaries. We also learned how Prosecco differs from Champagne and Cava.

We visited a nice variety of wineries and learned a great deal about the options available within the Prosecco line… options we unfortunately don’t have in the states. We also received a mini-course on what to look for when evaluating and tasting a wine. We had a delicious lunch at a small osteria and greatly enjoyed speaking with the owner(s). All of us purchased multiple bottles of Prosecco and eagerly await their arrival.

Thanks, Cris, for a wonderful visit. I give my highest recommendation for a tour with Visit Prosecco Italy.