How to Get to the Prosecco Region Italy

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What does ‘the Prosecco region’ mean?

On this page, I’ll use Conegliano as the main point of reference for getting to the Prosecco region.

Why? Because it is accessible by public transport as well as by road. It’s also the start point for the famous Prosecco Road (Strada del Vino di Prosecco).

I have more details about the Prosecco region here.

Flying to Italy

The closest airports for the Prosecco Region are

Treviso Airport (Airport Code: TSF)

Treviso is 31.6 km/ 19.6 miles from Conegliano

A small airport served by only Ryanair and Wizz Air

It currently only serves 6 countries (directly) including the UK

Venice Marco Polo Airport (Airport Code: VCE)

Venice Airport 52.5 km / 32.6 miles from Conegliano

A large international airport served by main airlines

Currently serving around 40 countries directly

I book all my flights through Skyscanner and have yet to find a cheaper flight search engine.

Check flight prices on Skyscanner here.

Getting to the Prosecco Region From Venice & Treviso

Visit Prosecco Italy Venice to Prosecco Region

In most destinations, the transport choice is usually straightforward – car and taxi are quicker while public transport is slower but cheaper. This isn’t necessarily the case thanks to Venice‘s situation in a lagoon.

If you travel from Venice Marco Polo airport, you’re on the ‘right side of the water’ for a straight pass out to the Prosecco region by train, car, taxi or by booking one of our drivers.

Visit Prosecco italy How to Get to the Prosecco Region map of Venice

If you travel from Venice Island (think: St Mark’s Square, Rialto Bridget) or one of Venice’s outlying islands e.g. Lido, Giudeca, Burano or Murano, your car options are limited because…cars don’t work so well on water. There is only only one spot on Venice Island where cars can go – Piazzale Roma – and although there is car hire, taxis and buses from there, the train station is in the same area so it’s worth weighing up your transport and accommodation options.

If you travel from Treviso (a great day trip from Venice in any case), you’re part way to the Prosecco region (compared to Venice) and there are no lagoons to navigate. Train, car hire, taxi or booking one of our drivers are all good options.

In the tabs above, you can explore your options for travelling to the Prosecco region by either train, car or bus. Personally, I always take the train. It’s fast, affordable and means I don’t need to sit in traffic.  If you want a car when you arrive, many of the big brands have local offices.

Taking the train to the Prosecco Region

I recommend taking the train to the Prosecco region.

The train is fast, direct, affordable, reliable and is likely to be as quick, if not quicker than driving.

If you’d like to have a car during your time in the Prosecco region, you can hire one locally in Conegliano and save yourself the drive from Venice.

Where to catch the train in Venice and Treviso

Where you take the train from will depend where you are at the start of your journey. Here are the main train stations you’ll use:

From Venice Airport: Venezia Mestre

From Venice Island: Venezia Santa Lucia

From Treviso: Treviso Centrale

Below, I have details on how to get to each of these train stations.

The trains and routes to Conegliano

There are several train option from fast (Frecciargento) to regional fast (Regionale Veloce) and regional slow (Regionale).

The main stops of interest if you’re going to the Prosecco region by train are:

Venezia Santa Lucia

Venezia Mestre

Treviso Central




If you’re meeting one of our drivers at one of the regional stations (e.g. Susegana), make sure you take a regional train rather than the fast train.

Note from our drivers: when you get to the station, don’t forget to push the door open button or you’ll sail out the station and while it’s a quick journey by train to the next stop, it will take our driver about 20 minutes to catch up by road!

Train times and costs

The train takes between 33 minutes and 1 hr 05 minutes depending whether you take a fast or slow regional train.

The train costs: €5.55 (Regionale and Regionale Veloce) or €17 (Frecciargento)

There are about 3 trains per hour.

The train company is TrenItalia.

You can search for trains with Trenitalia here.

Tip: don’t forget to search for the destination names in Italian i.e. it’s Venezia, not Venice!

Do you need to book in advance?

I usually buy my ticket on the day.

There are plenty of self-serve ticket machines at the train – click on the English flag to change the language.

Just make sure you give yourself a bit of time to deal with machine queues at rush hour (an extra 10-15 mins should do it).

If you prefer to book ahead, that is possible too via the TrenItalia site. You can print your ticket at home or use the TrenItalia App (I’ve personally not tried the app so let me know how it goes).

Validating tickets

As in many parts of Europe, you need to ‘validate’ your ticket before travel. There are machines around the station – just insert your ticket and make sure you hear the clunk that prints an electronic validation code onto your ticket.

The upside of buying in advance, you don’t need to validate your printout.

Getting to the train stations in Venice & Treviso

From Venice Marco Polo Airport

By Bus

There are three bus lines that travel from the airport to Venezia Mestre Station.

There are about 3 buses per hour. The route takes 15 to 23 minutes and costs €1 to €4 depending which company you use.

You can check timetables here for ATVO, ACTV and Cortina Express

​​​​By taxi

Taxi takes about 12 minutes and costs around €30-40.

There is no Uber in and around Venice. Trust me. I’ve tried.

From Venice Island

Depending where you’re based in Venice, you might be able to walk to the train station. I usually stay in Canareggio and it’s easier to walk to the station than take the Vaporetto.

If you’re not within walking distance or you’re staying on one of the outlying islands, you will need to take a Vaportetto (like a bus but on water). Times vary by line and distance but as an indication, it takes about 30 minutes from St Mark’s Square to the station and boats come every 5-10 minutes.

The cost for a one-way ride is €8.

The nearest ferry terminal is Ferrovia, which is next door to the Santa Lucia train station.

Check routes and timetables on ACTV

From Treviso

Treviso Centrale station is located in the centre of the city, 4.7 km/ 2.9 miles from the airport.

Bus lines 101, 102, 103 and S060 go to the station. The journey takes 7 minutes. Buses run every 30 minutes/hourly but due to the number of routes, 15 minutes is the usual wait time.

Check timetables with:

Mobilita Di Marca

Bus Italia Venito

Taxis take around 5 minutes and can cost up to €20.

There is no Uber in and around Venice. I repeat: there is no Uber.

Travelling by road to the Prosecco Region

Hiring a car

I’d recommend taking the train to the Prosecco region and hiring a car locally. However, if you prefer to drive from Venice, you can hire a car at Venice Marco Polo Airport.

On Venice Island, your only car hire location is from Piazzale Roma. Rates may be better from the airport.

Journey time to Conegliano is around 60 minutes depending on traffic.

By taxi or private transfer

Taxis cost around €130 to €160. Alternatively, you can book an airport transfer with one of our drivers, which will be cheaper than a taxi.

Uber in Italy

As with many countries, Uber has had a challenging experience in Italy. In Spring 2017, they were banned (competition issues). That ban was later lifted but Uber has only managed any real presence in Rome and Milan. I’ll keep an eye out and update this section if and when Uber makes it to Venice.

Taking the bus to the Prosecco region

From Venice and Treviso

There is one bus that runs per day to Conegliano starting at Piazzale Roma (Venice Island), stopping at:

Mestre (closest to the airport)

Mogliano Veneto





The bus runs at 7:30 am only (from Piazzale Roma) and costs around €3-€4

The bus company is Brusutti.

You can check the timetable here.

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