25 Prosecco Gifts (You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself)

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Looking for Prosecco gifts for the Prosecco lover in your life? Don’t waste hours trawling through the Internet. Here at Visit Prosecco Italy, we’re what you might call experts at all things Prosecco. And in this article, we’ll share with you some of the best Prosecco gifts you can buy. In fact, these are so good, you’ll probably want to keep them for yourself. A few of them are on our Christmas Gift List.

We’ve grouped them by category whether you’re looking for stocking filler Prosecco gifts or a lavish Prosecco tasting experience, we have everything you need to make your gift buying easy.

Prosecco Bar Ware Gifts

By far the most useful thing you can buy the Prosecco lover in your life is gifts to help them drink their favourite sparkling wine. Here’s our list of essential Prosecco drinking essentials.

1. Dartington Crystal Wine Glass

With a drink that’s as perfect as Prosecco, you need the perfect glass, making a gorgeous glassware set one of the best gifts for Prosecco lovers and certainly one of the most practical Prosecco gift ideas.

This beautiful crystal wine glass is one of our favourites, with real Swarovski elements in a simple yet elegant design, and it even comes delivered in a beautiful gift box. There is also an option to get the glass engraved with a message or the recipient’s name (or your own – no judgement here!) to make it even more personal.

Did you know?  ‘Proper’ Prosecco glasses have a shape closer to wine glasses than flutes, like the glass above. This allows the flavours to truly come out of the drink. Bonus: it’s a legitimate excuse to pour a larger glass. You might also like our guide to everything you want to know about Prosecco.

Buy it here.

2. 6 Darlington Crystal Prosecco Flutes

If you’re shopping for someone who enjoys hosting a party or two and will definitely need more than a couple of glasses, this gorgeous set of 6 crystal Prosecco flutes will make the perfect gift.

Who cares if flutes aren’t the ‘official’ shaped glass for drinking Prosecco, they look very elegant to hold.

Buy it here.

3. Personalised Silver Prosecco Bottle Stopper

An equally practical gift is a Prosecco bottle stopper for those rare occasions when you don’t manage to finish the whole bottle in one sitting and don’t want your wine to go flat. This lovely silver Prosecco bottle stopper is sleek and, even better, highly affordable which is good because if you’re anything like us, you’ll be tasting a few bottles at a time.

Buy it here.

4. Personalised Prosecco Cooler

Another one of our favourite personalised Prosecco gifts is this gorgeous marble Prosecco cooler which comes in either dark or light marble and keeps bottles chilled without the need for ice. An elegant way of serving Prosecco when having guests over or even when enjoying a bottle for one and you don’t want to keep heading back and forth to the fridge.

Buy it here.

Prosecco Hampers

Food together with wine has got to be one of the best indulgences in life; and also one of the best gifts.

5. Prosecco & Chocolates Bouquet

This stunning Prosecco gift hamper from The Chocolate Bouquet Company is the perfect present if you’re really trying to impress a special someone. A bottle of Prosecco comes nestled within boxes of Ferrero Rocher and Lindt Lindor chocolates (our favourites), as well as several beautiful silk roses, all tied together with a pretty Grosgrain Bow. Can you get any more romantic than that?

Buy it here.

6. Delicious Delights Prosecco Gift Hamper

A charming traditional lidded basket filled with a bottle of Prosecco as well as plenty of tasty sweet and savoury treats, including olives, nuts and biscuits for cheese – perfect for a proper Italian aperitif at home or picnic in the park.

Buy it here.

7. Prosecco Cream Tea Hamper

Italy meets England – this lovely wicker hamper comes picnic-ready with a delicious British cream tea for two with a couple of small bottles of bubbles. The perfect Prosecco gift set for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Buy it here.

Prosecco Books

Cooking, drinking and just plain old good fun, if your Prosecco lover is also a book lover, a Prosecco book is the perfect gift.

8. Prosecco Is Good For You: A comical collection of quotes for prosecco lovers

A fun and entertaining little book filled with quotes, sayings and mantras confirming something which we here at Visit Prosecco Italy already know to be true… Prosecco is good for you.

Buy it here.

9. Prosecco Cocktail Recipes

A collection of 40 amazing cocktail recipes using Italy’s favourite sparkling wine, from twists on classic drinks such as the Prosecco Mojito to more unique sparkling cocktails such as the Wild Berry Cheesecake or Sparkling Parma Violet.

You might also like our blog post on 12 Prosecco cocktails to make at home.

Buy it here.

10. The Prosecco Cookbook: Prosecco Cocktails, Cakes, Dinners & Desserts

This fun Prosecco cookbook is a great gift for a friend who loves Prosecco and enjoys dabbling in the kitchen. The book includes a collection of easy to make recipes such as Prosecco cocktails, cakes and desserts, and even a few savoury recipes featuring Prosecco. None of the recipes are too challenging so your recipient doesn’t need to be the world’s best chef, and it’s okay to have a glass of Prosecco in hand while cooking (obviously!).

Buy it here.

Edible Prosecco Gifts

If you don’t want to buy a full Prosecco hamper but like the idea of something edible (that hopefully you’ll be invited to share), have a look at these edible Prosecco gifts.

11. Chocolate Prosecco Bottle And Strawberries

A bottle of Prosecco and punnet of strawberries made entirely from pure Belgian white chocolate. A lovely gift either on its own or given alongside a bottle of real Prosecco to make a Prosecco and chocolate gift set.

Buy it here.

12. Emergency Prosecco and Chocolate Kit

Because we all know someone who would consider running out of Prosecco and/or chocolate an emergency (yes we fall under this category!).

Buy it here.

13. Raspberry Prosecco Giant Lollipops

Not only are these fun giant lollies raspberry Prosecco flavoured (yum), but they also feature romantic Prosecco quotes, making them one of the ultimate Prosecco themed gifts you can get for a special someone with a sweet tooth.

Buy it here.

Prosecco Home Decor

The best way to advertise your love of Prosecco and therefore make sure you regularly receive Prosecco themed gifts, is to decorate your home with as many Prosecco themed things as possible. They also make great gifts for the Prosecco lover in your life.

14. Prosecco Doormat

One of our favourite Prosecco quote gifts has to be this doormat which says exactly what we’re thinking every time someone comes knocking – ‘If you’ve brought Prosecco, come on in’. If you don’t, please return when you do have some.

Buy it here.

15. Small Wooden Prosecco Sign

A wooden heart-shaped plaque which makes a lovely little addition to hang on a bottle of Prosecco as a gift. The receiver can then hang it up in their kitchen or home as a fun piece of decoration. 

Buy it here.

16. ‘But first, Prosecco’ Print

A fun yet elegant print which would make a great addition to any Prosecco lover’s home and works as a daily reminder of the importance of a glass of Prosecco before all else…some days, at Visit Prosecco Italy HQ, that means before work. Hey, we said no judgement.

Buy it here.

17. Set of Prosecco themed coasters

A set of 4 glass coasters with glittery Prosecco quotes are perfect for the home of the Prosecco lover in your life. Why not get a matching set for yourself so your friend feels equally at home (and reminded to bring Prosecco) when they visit you.

Buy it here.

18. Prosecco Scented Candle

This fresh and fruity Prosecco scented candle cleverly comes in the bottom of a cut-down wine bottle. A thoughtful and original Prosecco themed gift idea.

Buy it here.

Novelty Prosecco Quote Gifts

Whether it’s the work Secret Santa that’s got you in a tizz or you’re looking for a small gift for someone who adores Prosecco, novelyy gifts are a great fun and inexpensive option. What we like most is that these are all functional, reducing the risk they’ll get slung in a drawer and forgotten about.

19. ‘If You Can Read This Bring Me Prosecco’ Socks

These fun novelty socks are perfect for your Prosecco loving friend..as long as you’re not the one they’re constantly pointing the soles of their feet at.

Buy it here.

20. ‘Oops, have I brought Prosecco instead of bread again?’ Tote Bag

Popping to the shop and accidentally buying Prosecco instead of bread – a mistake we make all too often. At least there’s now this cute tote for your walk of shame back home (to drink said Prosecco).

Buy it here.

21. ‘Shh, too much Prosecco’ Sleep Eyemask

The perfect eyemask for anyone who doesn’t like to be disturbed the morning after a few too many glasses of Prosecco (who does!?).

Buy it here.

22. ‘There’s too much tea in my Prosecco’ Tea Mug

While we do enjoy our morning cup of tea as much as the next person, we agree that a mug is better utilised for a large pour of Prosecco.

Buy it here.

Prosecco Travel Gifts

First of all, did you know that the Prosecco region, where all of your lovely Prosecco is produced, is only one hour from Venice? With that in mind, why not get planning a trip to Italy with your Prosecco loving friend/family/partner to taste the best Prosecco you’re going to find. And if you are planning a trip, you’ll definitely want to think about how to get some wine home.

23. WineHug Self-Inflating Protective Travel Pouch

If the person you’re trying to buy a gift for is an avid traveller and likes to purchase wine while abroad, this protective travel pouch is a cool and practical gift idea to help them avoid any breakages on the way back home. Honestly, every wine owner should own a few of these.

Buy it here.

24. Wine Suitcase

Alternatively, if room for one bottle just isn’t enough, this wine suitcase is the ultimate Prosecco travel gift. With a hard shell exterior and insulated padded casing, this nifty suitcase can transport up to 12 bottles of wine and can even be checked into an aeroplane hold to save money on shipping holiday purchases back home.

Want to learn more about flying with wine? Check out our article How To Get Your Wine Home.

Buy it here.

Prosecco Gift Experiences

The ultimate gift for the Prosecco lover in your life has to be a trip to Italy to visit the Prosecco region. And we have you covered with everything you need to know from finding out where is the Prosecco region, the best vineyards to visit and guides to where to stay. We can even help you go wine tasting…

25. Prosecco Wine Tasting Gift Voucher

Finally, what has to be the pièce de résistance of gifts for Prosecco lovers; a Prosecco wine tasting experience in northern Italy’s gorgeous Prosecco hills. There’s even a Prosecco vending machine you can visit (and vend a bottle of Prosecco from) We have two gift vouchers: €250 for a half-day tour and €400 for a full-day tour. And the vouchers are valid for 2 years, giving the Prosecco lover in your life plenty of time to plan their visit.

Buy it here.

So, that’s our guide to 25 Prosecco gifts (you’ll probably want to keep for yourself). Which one’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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