15 Fun Drinking Games for Couples

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If you thought drinking games were a recent invention, you might be surprised to know know that there’s sound evidence that people have been playing drinking games since the fifth century BC. And the underlying purpose of these games has never changed – to ensure that every second spent with one’s drinking companion is meaningful.

While drinking games have seen a surge in popularity in nearly all social circles, they have also transpired into a fun activity for couples involved in romantic relationships. Playing these activities together might go a long way toward revitalizing a dormant romance, bolstering the chemistry between two people who are just getting to know one another, or helping a husband and wife spend quality time together on a regular Friday night. 

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In that context, drinking games for couples can help strengthen the social bonding between the partners. This is because drinking games for couples allow the participants to express themselves, all while enjoying their favorite drink. 

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to spend an evening with your significant other, drinking games are a great choice. Whether you’re just getting to know each other or have been together for years, these games will surely bring some laughter and good times. So, grab a couple of drinks, gather around a table, and get ready to have a blast.

A quick safety warning: drinking games are fun but pace yourself, don’t drink to excess and add some soft-drinks and snacks along the way. But if you do wake up with a fuzzy head, check out our guides: 15 Best Hangover Foods (and Foods to Avoid) and How to Ease Your Hangover in 7 Simple Steps.

1. Virtual Jigsaw Puzzle

In order to participate in this fun puzzle game, one participant otould choose an online Jigsaw puzzle, and the other participant’s goal will be to solve the puzzle in the shortest amount of time. The individual solving the puzzle must take a drink once per minute until the puzzle is solved, starting with the first minute. 

Couples who are up for a challenge and want to put their puzzle-solving skills to the test will find this game very enjoyable. Furthermore, you could make the game even more fun and enjoyable by instituting a rule that stipulates the player who takes the longest to finish the puzzle to down an additional beverage after the round.

2. Bust A Gut

The drinking game known as “bust a gut” is ideal for people who share a hilarious sense of humor. In practice, each participant has thirty seconds in which they are expected to make their partner laugh by either saying or doing something incredibly humorous. This can work especially well for couples who’ve known each other a long time. Start with “Remember that time…”

If they don’t laugh, the participant in charge of making the jokes has to buy the other participant a drink. On the other hand, if the silent partner in crime bursts into laughter, it’s the other way around. One of the most appealing aspects of this game is that it can be played and enjoyed in various settings, such as the living room sofa, the bedroom, and even in the local pub or the middle of a dancefloor.

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3. Never Have I Ever

To play “never have I ever,” each person takes turns making a statement beginning with “never have I ever…” and finishing with something they’ve never done. For example, “never have I ever gone bowling.” 

Anyone who has done the thing mentioned in the sentence must have a sip. This game is excellent for getting to know each other and finding fun and interesting facts about each other’s past experiences. “Never have I ever” is a great game to play while sipping your favorite wine and enjoying each other’s company.

4. The Superlatives Game (the ‘most likely’ game)

The so-called superlatives game, otherwise known as the ‘most likely’ game is far more enjoyable when played with more than one couple at a time. For this reason, this game became the favorite drinking game for double dates.

The superlatives game is a fun drinking game in which someone says a superlative i.e. something most likely, and everyone points at the person it’s most applicable for. So, for instance, you might say, “most likely to finish the last of the Prosecco or eat a whole tub of gelato,” and then everyone should point to who they think is most likely to empty the bottle, presumably whoever gets drunk the most in the group, or is the group’s chief cocktail maker, and that person then drinks. Yay, fun! 

Before you start playing the game, you should assemble an extensive list of superlatives for the game because it can be challenging to come up with good pens off the cuff while playing. So here are a few good ones you can use: “most likely to drink Bellini for breakfast,” “most likely to marry in Vegas,” and “most likely to invest in a Ponzi scheme.” Here are plenty more ‘Most Likely’ Questions.

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5. Quarters

This drinking game is perfect for couples who enjoy watching movies or TV series at home. Put a few quarters in plain sight between the cushions of your sofa. Afterward, you and your partner should “fight” to retrieve a quarter from behind the couch cushions after watching a movie or a season with your partner. The player who comes in last must suffer the repercussions that have been decided upon, while the winner gets a drink for their efforts.

6. Flip The Cup!

This is a popular drinking game frequently played in big groups at college parties, but it can be just as much fun with two players. This isn’t a game to play with hard drinks like Negronis You will require lower-alcoholic beverages such as beer, and plastic cups to play it. 

Five cups are filled to the first line for each player, who then lines them up in a row on the side while seated across from one another at the table. Each participant must then grab their first cup and guzzle it as quickly as they can as the players count to three. Next, they must place the cup on the table’s edge and flip it with one finger so that it lands upside down.

The players can only move on to the next drink if their cup has been appropriately flipped. Whoever finishes first wins.

7. The Moustache TV Game

This one is relatively easy: you simply draw a mustache on some paper and stick it to your tv screen. Play your preferred movie or television program next. Finally, you sip a beverage of choice each time someone’s face gets a full mustache.

However, to avoid damaging the screen, you might need to be careful when taping the mustache to the TV. You might also include other things like top hats or beards to add to the fun.

8. Eye Contact

Doesn’t looking into each other’s eyes bring partners closer together? The rules of this drinking game are the easiest to understand ever! You won’t have to do much more than look into each other’s stunning eyes—something we know you both like doing—and see who can stay still the longest before blinking. You are required to take a sip of wine (or Prosecco) whenever one of your eyelids blinks. 

Want a fun drink to serve? Try making Passion Fruit Martinis.

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9. Drunk Monopoly

Another fun drinking game for couples is “drunk monopoly.” This game is played just like the classic board game, but with a twist—every time a player lands on a property they must take a drink. 

Players can also choose to make their own rules, such as taking a drink every time they pass “Go” or every time they have to pay rent to another player. “Drunk monopoly” is a great game to play while sipping on your favorite wine and enjoying each other’s company. As this is likely to be a long game, make a night of it by serving some snacks. Here’s a couple of our handy guides: Ultimate Prosecco Food and Wine Pairing Guide and 14 Types of Italian Cheese Everyone Needs To Know.

10. Power Hour

In contrast to the majority of entertaining drinking games for couples, in which someone inevitably comes out as a winner, there is typically no loser during power hour. On the other hand, power hour is without a doubt one of the most effective games to engage in if your goal is to elicit the most profound feelings from your partner.

To participate in the game, each player needs to consume one sip of wine per minute for one whole hour. And as you are doing so, you are required to gaze intently into the eyes of one another. (Take small sips or pop a soft drink into your main drink to keep things steady).

11. Would You Rather

Another fun drinking game for couples is “would you rather.” To play, one person asks the other, “Would you rather…” and poses two choices. The other person must choose which option they would instead do and explain why. 

For example, “Would you rather go bungee jumping or diving?” The person who chose the option must then take a drink. This game is great for getting to know each other’s preferences and finding out more about each other’s personalities.  “Would you rather” is a great addition to any game night.

12. If Simon Says Drink, Drink!

Another easy-to-play drinking game that may be a lot of fun, and you can play it on your next date is Simon Says. When playing Simon says, partners take turns acting as Simon and giving instructions to the other partner about what they should do. For example, you can say: ‘Simon says…kiss your boyfriend’.

13. Answer A Relationship-Related Question Or Drink

Couples who want to deepen their relationship or take it to the next level should play this drinking game. Start by posing a question on relationships. You can inquire as generally or specifically as you like. How long you’ve known one other will determine everything.

Your companion has the option of giving a truthful, open response or opting to sip alcohol. The individual who loses is typically the first to suggest a new game.

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14. Drawing While Drunk

It makes no difference whether you are an artist or not. Set the timer, pick up the pencil and paper, and begin drawing. Since your partner needs to guess what you drew, try to keep it as straightforward as you can. You need to take a sip of your wine after every 20 seconds, so draw swiftly. Once they correctly guess your work of art, it’s your time to do so.

15. Two Truths And A Lie

To play two truths and a lie, each partner takes turns telling three statements about themselves —two of which are true and one of which is a lie. The other person must then try to guess which statement is the lie. 

If they guess correctly, the person who told the statements must take a drink. This game is great for getting to know each other better and finding out interesting facts about each other. “Two Truths and a Lie” is a great addition to any game night for couples.

Drinking games for couples are intended to be enjoyable and are expected to also be exciting. However, these activities ought to be original and mind-boggling in such a way that they enable you to learn something new about your partner.

The most important thing is to keep in mind to play drinking games in a responsible and controlled manner. If you don’t take precautions, you risk getting so drunk that you can’t enjoy the moment with your significant other. So, be careful and have fun.

Have you got any other drinking game suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

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