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Below is a list of accommodation options within the Prosecco region. Some of these I’ve stayed at personally, some I’ve just visited and although I didn’t spend the night, they are places I’d definitely stay in future. Others I’ve selected based on good reviews from past readers who’ve taken trips with our drivers and a few that otherwise get good reviews on Tripadvisors. I’ve tried to cover a range of price points and locations. Don’t worry – if you want to stay somewhere a bit remote but don’t have a car, just contact one of our drivers for a local transfer to your accommodation. Stayin in one of the small villages, surrounded by the Prosecco hills is one of the highlights of the trip. Also, let me know if there is a place you’ve stayed at or looked at that isn’t on this list.

With each trip back to the Prosecco region, I’ll try out and add new accommodation suggestions.

A word on price: To be helpful, I’ve included an indicative price per night for a double room. Usually, I’ve taken this off the accommodation’s website. Of course, these prices may change (including seasonal fluctuations) and you may be able to get deals through sites like Booking.com. The aim behind including pricing here is to give you a top level indication of how much a particular hotel or inn will cost.

A quick request: I spend a lot of time and money keeping this site up to date. One way I can recoup a little cost is through ‘affiliate links’. Basically, if you book using my links below, I make a small commission. There’s no extra cost to you. So, if you do want to support me, booking through the ‘Book at’ links below would be much appreciated. Grazie.

Translation tip: Locanda means inn.

(Accommodation listed in alphabetical order)

At the end of this page I’ve included a map of all the accommodation listed on this page as well as where to eat, transport locations and recommendations for where to stay in Venice.


Where to stay in the Prosecco region Agritourism Borgoluce

This has got to be one of my absolute best recommendations if you’re after an agritourismo (farm) stay in the Prosecco region. Before we even get onto the topic of accommodation, Borgoluce, which is spread over a few sites, produces its own wine, buffalo mozzarella, honey, cured meats, beer… and many other produce. There are walking / biking paths to explore, an osteria to dine at (serving their own products, of course), a farm shop if you want to picnic at your accommodation and a natural pool to swim in when you walk to cool down (I visited when it was raining and it was still inviting). The rooms are already divine but they are about to be made even more luxurious with a new look coming in December 2018.

Note: Borgoluce can require a bit of forward planning. As wonderful as it is, there is no restaurant within walking distance (although Borgoluce owns an Osteria, it is not walking distance from the accommodation. Also, you’ll need transport to get back to the train station (Susegana) to return to Venice. Don’t worry – for transport you can either arrange for a local taxi, otherwise one of the staff might be available to give you a ride. And for food, email Borgoluce and they should be able to arrange an evening snack for you (cold meats and cheese), which is perfect if you’ve had a long lunch and afternoon of Prosecco drinking.

Area: Susegana

Price around: €120

Book at: Tripadvisor | Booking.com

Duca di Dolle

Where to stay in Prosecco Duca di Dole

Another agritourismo that can serve up own-label Prosecco as well as a host of other local produce, Duca di Dolle is perfect if you want a tranquil stay. I could show you a picture of my room, which had a simple and natural dark wood and white linen feel but really, the best of this accommodation lies just outside the door. One of the prettiest breakfast spots you are going to find in all of the Prosecco land and ideal for a post-tour glass of Prosecco at sunset. Bonus: there’s a large pool for those hazy summer days.

Address: Rolle

Price around: €125

Book at: Tripadvisor Booking.com


Hotel Dei Chiosti

Where to stay in the Prosecco region of Italy Hotel Dei Chiosti

Sister hotel of Hotel Villa Abazzia (below), Hotel Dei Chiosti is a beautiful, modern interior featuring clean lines and cream linen in an old, converted building. With beautiful views over the Abbey of Follina, I slept incredibly well in this peaceful hotel and would have happily stayed longer.

Area: Follina

Price around: €125

Book at: Tripadvisor | Booking.com


Hotel Villa Abbazzia

Where to stay in the Prosecco region of Italy Hotel Villa Abazzia

If you have grand plans for your trip to the Prosecco region, stay at Hotel Villa Abbazia. This Relais & Chateau hotel in the heart of Follina has the region’s only Michelin star hotel and drips with opulence. Follina itself is a perfect base with a beautiful Abbey and a choice of bars and bistros. I’ve stayed in this hotel and you can’t beat the sumptuousness.

Area: Follina

Price around: €196

Book at: Tripadvisor | Booking.com

Locanda Da Lino

Where to stay in the Prosecco region of Italy Locanda da Lino

There’s a high likelihood someone famous from the Italian arts and music scene has slept in your room if you choose Locanda Da Lino. I ate lunch is the restaurant and then had a nose around the rooms and I was sufficiently wowed by both the food and accommodation here. Best of all there are a couple of apartment-style rooms, great for groups.

Area: Solighetto, Treviso

Price around: (Confirming by email, check back)

Book at: Tripadvisor | Booking.com


Locanda Marinelli

Where to stay in the Prosecco region of Italy Locanda Marrielli

A small inn attached to the wonderful Locanda Marinelli restaurant, this inn is family owned and run and not only does it produce some of the best food you can eat in the region (try the truffle fries), the views are superb, stretching right across the Prosecco hills. Although I didn’t stay here, I popped my head into the rooms and they were cute, cosy, ultra clean and offer a fantastic retreat. If you want to recharge, this is the place to do it.

Area: Col San Martino

Price around: €60-€90 (single use/double use : double-room)

Book at: Tripadvisor | Booking.com


Relais d’Arfanta

Where to stay in the Prosecco region Relais Darfanta

I may sound spoilt but I don’t have as many ‘wow’ moments when I walk into a place these days but I had one with Relais d’Arfanta. From the sweeping picture window in the breakfast room to the views over the Prosecco Hills outside, I’d have been happy enough to see a basic room but this villa house/hotel delivered again. Decked out with high end furniture, fittings and silks in a traditional style, a lot of attention has gone into the details and this hotel oozes luxury as a result. There are only a few rooms, all-suites, giving a real villa/home feel to this hotel quality accommodation. The view above is from one of the suite bathrooms and I’d put this place right at the top of your list if you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion like a honeymoon, anniversary or birthday. If there’s a group of you, Relais d’Arfanta is affordable enough you might be able to book out the whole place.

Area: Tarzo

Price around: €184

Book at: Tripadvisor | Booking.com


Relais  Le Betulle

Where to stay in Conegliano Relais Le Betulle

This hotel has so many winning features: it’s located in Conegliano, making it perfect if you’re arriving by train, but being up in the hills, you still get the sense of remoteness as well as spectacular views. There are a couple of eateries within walking distance once you’re at ‘the top’ though the on-site restaurant Enrica Miron is impressive enough you probably won’t want to dine elsewhere. Bonus: Relais Le Betulle has a beautiful swimming pool for cooling off in summer.

Area: Conegliano

Price around: €88

Book at: Tripadvisor Booking.com

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Map of Where To Stay in The Prosecco Region

I have created a map of The Prosecco region, which features all of the accommodation included in this post. You can find it here.

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