Hi, that face below belongs to me, Jo. I’m the person behind this Visit Prosecco Italy website.

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About me

Since 2010, I’ve been running the popular solo female travel website, Indiana Jo.

However, I also wanted to launch a site entirely dedicated to one of the best trips I’ve ever taken – to the Prosecco region of Italy.

As well as wanting to share with you all my favourite travel tips for tasting Prosecco in the region where it is grown, the Prosecco region has a problem and I’d like to try to fix it.

Visit Prosecco Italy Castel San Salvatore Italy Surprised
“How much?!” Says Castelo San Salvatore of Prosecco

​My first visit to Prosecco – and a problem

Wait? What? There’s a problem with Prosecco?

Hang on. It’s not so dire. The grapes are fine and the vineyards are doing a fantastic job. However, planning a Prosecco tour to this beautiful region of Italy wasn’t nearly as simple – or affordable – as almost all other wine regions I’ve visited around the world.

I discovered this when, in my usual fashion, I pitched up in Conegliano (where one end of the Prosecco Road starts) and tried to scout around for a tour to take me wine tasting through the Prosecco hills. A big advocate of the don’t drink and drive way of life, hiring a car was out. Worst case, I told my travel companions, there would be a multitude of wine bars where we could sip our way through some flights of Italy’s famous sparkling wine.

The problem: these tourist attractions I’d expected simply didn’t exist. And that was just problem number one.

The high cost of many Prosecco Tours

Of course, most people are more organised than me. Most people don’t cross their fingers, turn up on the day and hope for the best. However, even with solid wi-fi and the strength of the Internet at my fingertips, I still couldn’t find a solution. Sat in my hotel lobby, Googling ‘Prosecco Tours’ I kept encountering the same issues. Apart from needing to book ahead, most of the tour providers online required me to submit a request to get a price. Experience tells me that any ‘price on application’ is going to be way north of what I can afford.

I did find a few Prosecco tours where I could book online but most of those tours originated from and returned to Venice. I don’t know about you but I don’t feel like I’ve properly explored a place until I’ve seen the sunrise and sunset in that destination. Not only that, they fell into the too pricey price bracket. With a party of three, we were looking at around €600 to sip a drink that you can grab for under €10 a bottle in Italy.

The Solution: Time to BIY (Book It Yourself)

For over six years I travelled full time, living out of a bag, renting space, getting to grips with the lay of every foreign land I met. And it taught me a lot about being a tourist. I’m all for organised tours when they meet my needs but the Prosecco tours didn’t come close. Not at that price, anyway. Not when all I needed was a designated driver for the day. The vineyards would do a great job of talking me through the tastings. I just needed a sober adult to wheel me from one way place to the next and point me in the direction of snacks.

“Can I hire a driver for a few hours?” I asked the concierge in my hotel.

Of course, was the answer. The hotel had a local driver who would take me and my party of fellow travellers to the wineries along the Prosecco Road for only €50 an hour.

“How long will I need to explore?”

Anything from 4 hours is best*

And right there, we had it. Our very own BIY Prosecco Tour for €200. Less than €70 each.

We booked.

We tasted.

And the foundations for this website were laid.

* courtesy of the amount of time I spent on Google, I only had time for a 3 hour trip that day (costing €150) and, having been back and taken another trip around Prosecco, I can confirm that 4-7 hours is a much better option.

Visit Prosecco Italy Rolling Hillsides

What Visit Prosecco Italy can do for you

For some people, booking one of the Prosecco tours from Venice will be the right fit and there are a few websites where you can do that. However, if you’ve already visited those sites and some part of those tours didn’t meet your needs, you’ve found yourself in the right place. On Visit Prosecco Italy, I will give you all the links you need to arrange your own trip to Prosecco, usually for a sip of the cost.

I have been back to the Prosecco region several times since my first visit in 2015. I’ve explored lots of wineries, eaten in heaps of restaurants, stayed in a range of hotels seen the sights, and, obviously, tasted a lot of Prosecco.

Most vitally, I have connected with a number of wonderful local drivers who will stay sober on your behalf while you explore the Prosecco region and, most likely, end up having one of the best trips of your life.

Now taking bookings online

I wrote the above when I launched this website and I’ve been knocked out by the popularity of the website and the number of you wonderful people who’ve put your trust in Visit Prosecco Italy and the drivers I work with. Since launching this website, the drivers have taken over 1,000 customers through the stunning Prosecco Hills. We’ve been growing and growing. And we’ve been listening to what you want…

Which means we’ve finally launched a series of tours where you can book a driver directly online. The drivers are still offering their wonderful bespoke service too. It’s the best of both worlds. Want to find out more?

You can read reviews here

You can check out the Prosecco Tours here

You can book online here

And if you want to read more about Italy over on my other travel website, you can do that here.

Affiliate Disclosure

It takes a lot of time and effort to run a website like Visit Prosecco Italy (ok, sipping Prosecco isn’t actually that much effort, but the website building part is hard and continuous work). To be able to offer my advice to you for free, I work with hotels, flights and the drivers on an affiliate basis. What does that mean? In simple terms, if you book through this website, I earn a small commission. There is no extra cost to you but it means I’m able to keep this site updated.  Does that mean I’ll recommend duff products and services to earn a quick buck? Hell no. I started this site because I want you to have a good experience when you visit the Prosecco region of Italy. I’ve got a reviews page for you and my other readers to use. I promise to publish every piece of genuine feedback whether it is positive or not.