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Hi, I’m Jo and I love Prosecco. But you guessed that already, right? I’m the founder of Visit Prosecco Italy, which I set up in 2018 to help people like you plan a trip to Italy’s beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site Prosecco region.

I first visited in 2015 and found it difficult to figure out how to get around, which wineries to visit, where to eat and sleep. On this website, you’ll find all the information I was looking for back then. But more than that, working with local drivers, wineries and restaurants, Visit Prosecco Italy has grown into a small team. We offer private Prosecco Tours that take you to some of the best family-run vineyards in the region.

Our Prosecco Tours

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We are a small team of 6 drivers who are all fully insured and have the correct regulatory licenses to be able to take you around the Prosecco region.

Our tours offer:

  • Private Minivan – you’re the only group in the mini-van.
  • English speaking drivers – our drivers are all fluent in English.
  • Private wine tastings – you get a dedicated English language expert at each winery to talk you through your wine tastings.
  • Only DOCG Prosecco Superior – when you come to the Prosecco region, you want to taste the best Prosecco, so we only take you to DOCG premium Prosecco producers. These are not the large DOC name you find on supermarket shelves at home.
  • Personalised itinerary – if you want to add a specific winery, we can tailor your itinerary to your preferences.
  • Choose how much wine you want to taste – we know that some people want to taste a little and some want to taste a lot. You get to decide at each winery how many glasses you want to taste.
  • Wine and food pairings – you can add local foods to your wine tastings to help you can fully appreciate the complexity and flavours of the Prosecco you’re tasting.
  • Local guides who know the region intimately and live locally.
  • Family-run businesses – support small, local growers, vineyards and restaurants.
  • A chance to drive along the Prosecco road – tour the Strada del Prosecco, Prosecco road, as you travel between wineries.
  • Family-friendly – we are experienced in family tours. Just let us know so we can pick the best wineries and pop a car-seat in ready for your little ones.
  • A visit to the Prosecco vending machine – a fun stop if you’re on a full-day tour.
  • Detailed instructions for how to meet us – coming from Venice? We can either pick you up (extra fee) or send you exact train instructions, helping you save money on transport, which you can spend on Prosecco (or gelato) instead.
  • Help with international shipping – like what you’ve tasted? We’ll help you buy what you love and ship it home using a service where all customs duty and insurance is included.
  • Large groups and celebrations – from marriage proposals to honeymoons to bachelorette parties, we have helped lots of customers celebrate their special occasion. Contact us if you have any special requests.

You can find full details of our Prosecco Tours here.

Well, that’s what we can offer. But don’t just take our word for it. You can read our customer reviews here. We’re proud to say they’re glowing.

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And if you want to read more about Italy, head over on my other travel website, Indiana Jo.