Prosecco Vineyards to Visit

There are over 100 wineries in the Prosecco DOCG area alone. So, unless you've just framed your oenologist certificate, picking which vineyards to visit in the Prosecco region is going to be a little like aiming a cork in the dark.

The good news is that our drivers know the Prosecco region inside out and will happily recommend a small handful of wineries to visit during your trip.

These wineries are family-run business with a passion and dedication for producing quality Prosecco. There are no mass-production vineyards on this list because why travel all the way to Italy to taste a bottle of something you can sip from your supermarket at home? You're going to the Prosecco region to taste the best, and the best you will taste.

What follows is a list of the wineries I have visited during my visits to the Prosecco region. Unless you have a particular preference, I suggest going with your driver's recommendations. Sometimes, this will be based on the day and time you visit.

However, if you want to do a bit of research before you go, these vineyard notes should help.

Vineyards I've visited (listed in alphabetical order)


On a personal note: The tasting room at Adami isn't co-located with the vineyards but it offers a modern room with a beautiful patio and one of the best tasting walk throughs I had in the region. The young lady teaching me about Adami Prosecco was passionate about the wines and deeply knowledgeable but, at the same time, lighthearted in her mission to help me understand and differentiate between the different styles. 

Great for: learning about the Prosecco region in a fun, relaxed setting. There's no such thing as a stupid question here (I tested that out).

Proseccos Available 

  • Prosecco Valdobiadenne DOCG
  • Prosecco DOC Treviso
  • 7 different Proseccos/types to try

Personal favourite: Garbèl (their most popular Prosecco)


  • Located in the Alta Marca area of Treviso (an area that's been producing wine since the Middle Ages)
  • 3rd generation family-run winery that has been producing for over 90 years
  • Harvest of grapes exclusively by hand
  • Adami produces some single vineyard wines so you can taste the uniqueness of the characteristics of each hillside

Website: Adami

Visit Prosecco Italy Prosecco Vineyards Adami
Visit Prosecco Italy Adami Wine Tasting

Bonotto Delle Tezze

On a personal note: In a world of white wine, I enjoyed my visit to Bonotto Delle Tezze mostly because of the red wines I tasted. Investing significant efforts and energy to cultivate the oldest indigenous grape in the area, the family's dedication to tradition can be seen all the way from the grapes to the glass. Don't miss the Raboso Pasito, a sweeter red wine that is closer to a dessert wine and works wonderfully with chocolate, cheese and pastries.

Great for: taking a break from the sparkling white wines.

Proseccos and Wines Available 

  • Prosecco Treviso DOC
  • Raboso del Piave
  • Linea Classico Nobile
  • Linea Riserva Regale
  • 17 different Proseccos/wines to try

Personal favourite: Raboso Passito


  • Situated near the banks of the Piave river, the Bonotto family have lived in the Tezze village since the 1400s and started producing in the 1600s.
  • Commitment to cultivating the indigenous red grapes that, elsewhere, are being dug up to make way for Prosecco production.
  • The river location offers a different taste compared to the Prosecco hills.

Website: Bonotto Delle Tezze

Visit Prosecco Italy Prosecco
Visit Prosecco Italy Vineyards Bonotto Delle Tezze wines old bottles

Col Vetoraz

On a personal note: Col Vetoraz was the first vineyard I visited in the Prosecco region so it holds a special place in my heart. I also really love the Prosecco from here. The vineyard tasting room grown significantly since I last visited, when I did a tasting stood at a tiny counter, to a purpose built room with a gigantic table, sweeping bar and floor to ceiling views. Still, they are managing the popularity well and the guy who took me through a tasting was as enthusiastic and knowledgeable as at the smaller vineyards.

Great for: views over the Prosecco hills while you taste and wonderfully located for the Prosecco vending machine which is just up the road. 

Proseccos Available 

  • Prosecco Valdobiadenne DOCG
  • Brut Pink Twelve Moons
  • Grappa (try this at your own risk, my friends!)
  • 7 different Proseccos/types to try

Personal favourite: Brut Dosaggio Zero (zero sugar Prosecco)


  • One of the highest points in the Cartizze (best) grape growing area of the Prosecco region.
  • The Miotto family arrived in Col Vetoraz in 1838 and started growing vines.
  • The vineyards is still run in partnership with a descendant of the family. 

Website: Col Vetoraz

Visit prosecco Italy Vineyards Col Vetoraz View
Visit prosecco Italy Vineyards Col Vetoraz Wines


On a personal note: There's an energy to the Gregoletto family that is best observed in the variety of their works. From the vineyards to a beautifully restored Italian farmhouse to a thematic museum created with a hint of eccentricity. And, for those who have non-wine lovers in their group, the Gregoletto family is behind the region's only brewery, Birra Follina. 

Great for: a wonderfully varied visit - see the cellars (for that important photo with the barrels), taste the wines and visit the thematic wine book museum.

Proseccos and Wines Available 

  • Prosecco Valdobiadenne DOCG, Prosecco Frizzante DOC
  • Colli Trevigiani IGT, Colli di Conegliano Bianco DOC
  • Grappa
  • 15 different Proseccos/wines/grappas to try

Personal favourite: Conegliano Valdobbiandene Prosecco Superior DOCG Extra Dry


  • Established 1600 and the family has been working the land since.
  • Cellars situated within the original 17th century house.
  • It's possible to taste non-sparkling wines including a variety of red and white wines.

Website: Gregoletto

Visit Prosecco Italy Vineyard Gregoletto view
Visit Prosecco Italy Vineyard Gregoletto wines


On a personal note: Best breakfast I've ever had. Just kidding. Kind of. I indulged in the 6 Prosecco tasting and it was here that I discovered a love for Col Fondo - made in the traditional method, this style of Prosecco retains the yeast (making the Prosecco cloudy) and has only a slight sparkle. It's not for everyone but it's worth a try and there are two Col Fondos to taste at Maibràn.

Great for: a broad range of Proseccos where you can compare and contrast the different tastes including two Col Fondo Proseccos, a rosé sparkling wine and a selection of DOCG Prosecco of varying sweetness.

Proseccos Available 

  • Prosecco Valdobiadenne DOCG
  • Col Fondo (two types)
  • Rosé Spumante
  • 6 different Proseccos/types to try

Personal favourite: Sottoriva (Col Fondo - traditional style)


  • Located in Susegana at the foot of San Salvatore Castle.
  • Three generations of viticulture continue today.
  • The current family members are returning to the traditional method and are actively restoring ancient vines.
  • Harvest entirely by hand.

Website:  Malibràn

Visit Prosecco Italy Malibran Vineyard
Visit Prosecco Italy Malibran Vineyard Tasting


On a personal note: I wish I'd visited Marchiori first, so I could get a little foundation understanding of what Prosecco is all about. Not only that, this vineyard is so dedicated to blending they've produce a (rare) box of bottles that contains all the grapes in their base flavour form to highlight the base ingredients that go into a Prosecco.

Great for: learning about Prosecco, the process of making it and the different wines - all without feeling like you're in class. Also hard to ignore those views.

Proseccos Available 

  • Prosecco Valdobiadenne DOCG
  • 3 different Proseccos/types to try
  • 3 Proseccos crafted from the 5 grape varietals

Personal favourite: Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superior DOCG Brut


  • Family run vineyard on land that was first settled in the Bronze Age.
  • Beautiful San Lorenzo church within the vineyards.
  • Focus on the ancient (almost lost) grape varieties and yeasts to preserve the ancient traditions when mass production is rife elsewhere.
  • Vines are attended according to the phases of the moon. Harvest entirely by hand.

Website:  Marchiori

Visit Prosecco Italy Vineyard Marchiori view
Visit Prosecco Italy Vineyard Marchiori varietals

More vineyards coming in 2018...

My next trip to the Prosecco region is planned for Spring 2018 and I will be adding more vineyards to this list as I visit them. Got one you'd like me to check out? Drop me a line.