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FAQs about visiting the Prosecco region of Italy

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Diversity – Everyone Is Welcome

We love two things equally: Sparkling wine and Equality.

We welcome everyone to join our tours and we offer the ability to do so in a safe and respectful space regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender orientation, sexual orientation, physical ability, neuro-diversity, age, or social background. If you have any questions or concerns, please message me (Jo) directly or hit the Chat button below.

What is Italy’s Prosecco D.O.C.G region? Italy’s sparkling wine is classified based on its production area and method. The Prosecco D.O.C.G. region is a small part of the wider wine growing area and is famous for its premium Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G wine.

How To Meet Your Driver

Our tours start in the heart of the Prosecco D.O.C.G. region. The two most popular options for meeting your driver are:

  • Pay for a private transfer – your driver will pick you up from a pre-agreed location. Prices below.
  • Self-transfer by train – you can catch a train from Venice to the region. It’s fast, cheap and easy. Your driver will send you the train details and then meet you at the station. More details below.

More info: How to Get to the Prosecco D.O.C.G. Region in Italy | Where is the Prosecco D.O.C.G. Region

Private Transfers

Booking a private transfer is a relaxing and direct way to get to the region for your tour.

How much does a transfer cost?

Here are our transfer prices. Our rates are very competitive.

DestinationOne WayReturn
Venice (Piazzale Roma)€130€260
Venice Marco Polo Airport€110€220
Local Pick-Up (in Prosecco D.O.C.G. Region)Free with booked toursFree with booked tours

Can I book a transfer one-way only?

Yes. Just choose the one-way option when you book.

Can I be picked up and dropped off at different locations?

Yes. Select the ‘one-way’ transfer option for each of your locations e.g. pick-up in Venice and drop-off at the airport.

Where are the pick-up points?

Your driver will message you in advance with detailed instructions for meeting. The Venice meeting point is always in Piazzale Roma because cars are unable to travel any further into Venice due to the lack of road infrastructure. This is a unique feature of Venice – it’s the same for all tour companies.

Within Treviso, Mestre and locally, we can pick you up at your hotel.

Can you pick me up somewhere not listed?

Yes. Send us a message via contact us or the Chat Button below. Let us know where you want to be picked up / dropped off and we will get back to you with a price. We usually reply within 24 hours.

How long does the transfer take?

Your transfer time will depend on local traffic. As a guide, here are the approximate transfer times.

Pick-up PointTransfer Time (approx.)
Venice (Piazzale Roma)50 minutes
Venice (Airport)60 minutes
Mestre45 minutes
Treviso30 minutes

Does a transfer mean less time at the wineries?

Our tours last 7 hours (Full Day Tours) and 4 hours (Half Day Tours). Your tour time doesn’t start until you reach the region. That means you get to enjoy more time at the wineries. If you are considering booking with an alternative company, do check and compare whether your transfer time forms part of your wine tour time.

Where is included in the free local pick-up?

We try to be as flexible and generous as possible with the free local pick-up. As a guide, the free pick-up area is generally between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. If you’re unsure if your accommodation is included, contact us to check before you book. If you’re outside the free pick-up area, we will let you know the transfer price.

Can you pick me up from my hotel in Venice?

If you are staying in Venice, all pick-ups are from Piazzale Roma. We’re not being difficult – we’d love to offer a door-to-door service. However, Venice is a city of canals and there are no roads beyond Piazzale Roma, on the western edge of Venice. This is the same for all tour companies. Your driver will send you details of the exact pick-up point in Piazzale Roma after you’ve booked.

How do I get to Piazzale Roma for my pick-up?

The best way to plan your route from your hotel to Piazzale Roma to meet your driver is to use Google Maps. However, if you would like more help, message your driver after you’ve booked and they’ll be happy to send you more information.

How do I book a transfer online?

You can add a transfer during the booking process – Book Now. After you have selected your tour type (full day, half day etc.) there is an option to add a transfer. Please make sure you add the transfer to your booking before you check out.

Can I book a transfer without a tour?

Our tour customers are our priority. However, if we are available to offer a transfer, we will do what we can to help you. Please contact us to discuss dates, options and prices.

Taking The Train

Train Route from Venice to Conegliano

How do I get to the Prosecco D.O.C.G. Region by train?

If you’re travelling from Venice or Treviso, it’s very easy to take the train to the region. When you book, leave a note that you would like to catch the train. Your driver will send you full details of the train you need to catch. On the day, they will meet you at the train station, usually on the train platform.

Which train station do I need?

The train runs directly from Venezia Santa Lucia train station in Venice to Conegliano in the region. Your meeting point may be a smaller, regional station before you reach Conegliano, e.g. Susegana. This is usually so that you arrive closer to the wineries you’ll be visiting that day. Your driver will send you the exact details including the correct train station for your tour.

How much does the train cost?

Train fares in Italy offer very good value for money. As a guide, ticket prices from Venice to Conegliano cost €6.35 per person, one-way (Updated 2024).

How long does the train take?

The train takes under one hour to reach Conegliano from Venice (around 50 minutes). It may be a little quicker or slower depending on the station where you meet your driver.

Tip: if you want to have a short walk to Venice station, the Cannaregio area is well located. It’s also one of the most authentic areas of Venice. Check out our guide to where to stay in Venice.

Is it easy to take the train?

Italy’s train system is exceptionally good – trains are clean, fast, have toilets onboard and run on time. You can buy tickets on the day from machines at the station. There’s even an English language option. But please remember that the train doors do not open automatically – you need to press the door open button when you reach your destination.

We have a map if you want to see where the region is relative to Venice.

You can check out train times, prices, connections and book in advance on The Trainline website.

Do you have a detailed guide for getting to the region?

We have a detailed guide on how to get to the region. It includes information about nearby airports, car hire, our private transfers, and taking the train. You can find it here: How To Get To The Prosecco D.O.C.G. Region.

Booking Your Tour

Can you save a tour date for me?

Unfortunately, we can’t hold a tour date for you. Your preferred date will remain available for booking by other customers until you have booked and paid your deposit. However, we do have several drivers available each day. Contact us if you would like to check availability levels for a specific date before booking.

How do I check availability?

Our booking calendar shows live availability. Go to Book Now then choose your tour type (full day etc.). All available dates are shown in black. Unavailable dates are shown in grey. You can also check our Events Calendar which lists the Blackout Dates when we don’t run tours, such as Christmas Day.

How far in advance do I need to book?

For peak season, many of our customers book months in advance, especially for weekend tours. If you have fixed dates, have a large group or want to visit specific wineries, it’s recommended to book at least a couple of months ahead. However, as we have several drivers and also offer morning tours, we usually have availability at shorter notice – a couple of weeks before your trip, or a week before in low season.

Do you offer on-the-day or next-day tours?

We do not offer on-the-day tours. In rare circumstances, we may be able to offer a next-day tour. However, this is less likely in peak season as we need to book the wineries and restaurants in advance and they often don’t have next-day availability. Please use the Chat button to discuss last-minute availability or contact us.

Group Bookings + 4 People

5 people – what is the price and how do we book?

Our pricing is per group and all of our vans can hold up to 5 passengers. For groups of up to 5 people, you can go ahead and book directly. This price is the same as for a group of 4 (€400 Full Day Tour or €250 Half Day Tour).

6 – 8 people – what is the price and how do we book?

If you are 6 to 8 people, there is an additional €125 fee for your group to book one of our larger vans. This gives a total price of €375 Half Day Tours and €525 Full Day Tours. You can book directly on the website. Please add the large van fee before check out.

+ 8 people – what is the price how do we book?

We are experienced in large group tours and can accommodate all group sizes. We price fairly. To estimate the approximate cost, we charge €520 for each group of 8 people for a Full Day Tour but this may change based on time of year and how far in advance you book. Please contact us to discuss details and get an exact pricing. We do not recommend Half Day Tours for large groups.

Will our large group stay together?

Yes! For large groups that don’t require a large coach, we run our tours with multiple vans and your group will travel in convoy. If your group is large enough for a coach, you will, of course, travel together. We try to arrange tastings at wineries where we can privately host your entire group but to ensure this, please book as far in advance as possible, and at least a few months ahead for peak season.

Can we share a tour with another group or couple?

We have previously tried to facilitate shared tours but there is not enough interest to make this work logistically. For that reason, we do not offer shared or group tours. All of our tours are private.

Can I book a tour for 1 person?

Yes, you can book a tour for one person – we have had many solo travellers take tours with us. Since our prices are per group, the rate will be the standard €400/€250 (Full Day/Half Day) rates.

Exception: we do have some challenges finding wineries that are available for solo travellers on Sundays. Please contact us if you want to visit alone on a Sunday. We can sometimes make this happen but we need plenty of notice.

Payment, Date Changes & Cancellation

How does the deposit payment work?

You pay a 20% deposit to confirm your booking. You then pay the balance to your driver on the day of your tour.

Can I pay by credit card or do I need cash on the day?

For your tour, please check with your driver whether they accept payment by cash (euros) or credit card. Due to the rural location, we do have some connection and reliability issues with payment card machines. Your driver will be able to let you know in advance if cash is easier.

Our wineries accept payment by card for the wine tastings and any wine you decide to buy.

What is the etiquette for tipping our driver?

Gratuities/tips are always optional so please don’t feel pressured. If you’re pleased with your tour, our drivers are always grateful to receive a tip. Tips in Italy are not the same as in the USA. A tip of 10% is more common. Of course, if you are delighted with the service, 20% to 25% is considered an incredibly generous tip. Payment in cash is preferred for tips.

Can we change our tour dates + 72 hours before our tour?

You can change your tour date up to 72 hours before your tour. You can do this easily online, free of charge. There is a button at the bottom of your booking confirmation email which will take you to the rescheduling page. Rescheduling is subject to your new date being available. Please note that you may be allocated a new driver when you change your tour date.

Can we change our tour date – less than 72 hours before our tour?

With fewer than 72 hours before your tour, we usually consider any change to be a cancellation. This is because we cannot usually re-book your driver with a new customer at such short notice. However, we do appreciate that your travel plans may change so please contact us as we may be able to make an exception if you do want to rebook for another date.

Can you help us change our tour date?

Yes. We know people have different levels of confidence online. Please contact us if you need help changing or cancelling your tour date.

How do we cancel our tour?

You can cancel your tour using the link at the bottom of your booking confirmation email.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

You only need to pay a 20% deposit to secure your booking.

Cancellation 48 hours before: 100% of balance.

Cancellation 1 week before: 50% of balance.

The deposit is not refundable.

Children And Pets Are Welcome

Can we bring children on our tour?

Our tours are family-friendly so we are very happy for you to bring your children along. We don’t have any lower age limit for children. However, as a reminder, the legal age for drinking alcohol in Italy is 18 years old.

Are there activities for children?

One of our favourite wineries offers a Young Sommelier experience for children. It’s a fun and immersive sensory game where they can test their sense of smell with a certificate awarded at the end. Don’t worry – it doesn’t involve tasting wine. We leave that to the adults. Please let us know when you book if you’re interested in adding this winery to your itinerary.

In addition to the little sommelier experience, our younger visitors enjoy sampling the local snacks while you taste wine and generally being in the vineyard setting. There may even be a winery dog or two to entertain them.

Do you provide car seats for children?

We want to keep you and your children safe while also complying with the law. In Italy, children who are 12 years or below 1.5 metres need to sit in a car seat. We have several sizes of car seat available at no extra cost. However, you must arrange this in advance with your driver so that the car seat can be fitted before your tour. If you turn up with children who require a car seat and you have not notified your driver in advance, we cannot, by law, conduct the tour.

Can I bring my dog?

Generally, we’re pet-friendly but please confirm in advance with your driver. If your allocated driver is unable to accommodate your furry friend, please contact us and we will try to find a driver who can.

Special Occasions

Can you help me plan a proposal?

Yes! The area a very beautiful location for a proposal and we’ve helped several customers with their proposal plans. Whether it’s a proposal next to a beautiful heart art installation with vineyard views, holding the perfect glass of sparkling wine in celebration, or getting your driver to take some pictures to capture the moment, we will do what we can to help you make your proposal special. We’re romantics so we don’t charge extra for a Proposal Package. Just drop a note in the info box when you book and your driver will take it from there.

Can you make our celebration special?

From proposals to honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays or family gatherings, we will do everything we can to make your celebration special. Let us know when you book if you’d like to arrange something a little extra special for your tour.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

If you’re not ready to book your trip but want to give the gift of a tour, you can book a voucher for either a Full Day Tour or Half Day Tour. Our vouchers last for 2 years and can easily be redeemed online in a couple of clicks. You can find out more about our Gift Vouchers.

Do you offer gift certificates for all bookings?

If you’ve booked a tour as a surprise and want something to print, we can personalise a gift certificate for your trip. Contact us and we’ll send you a printable certificate, perfect for putting in a birthday or Christmas card. Please give us 24 – 48 hours to create the personalised certificate for you.

Wine Tastings

Why isn’t the wine-tasting cost included?

Our wine tours don’t include the cost of the wine tastings. This may seem strange at first, but we do this because it’s genuinely better for you. Here’s why:

You get to taste more glasses of Prosecco: Many tours that include the wine tasting in your tour price only offer a small number of glasses at each winery with no chance to upgrade your experience. Our wineries offer multiple tasting packages. This can include anything from 3 to 7 glasses of Prosecco. Some tastings include local snacks like homemade focaccia. Others let you add a more formal food pairing.

You can compare the full range of Prosecco styles: There are many different styles of Prosecco including dry, extra dry, brut, extra brut, brut zero, rosé and col fondo. If you’re tasting just a couple of glasses, you’re most likely trying the most common styles (brut and extra dry) that you have probably tasted at home. With our tours, you can experience a full tasting of the many different styles of Prosecco.

You can personalise your tastings at each winery: We don’t think it’s for us to decide what or how much Prosecco you taste. We think you should have the choice on the day and at each winery. Of course, you have a dedicated wine expert at each winery to help you decide if you want some guidance. But ultimately, you have full control over what your tastings include.

Each group member can personalise their tasting: Most of our customers want to try the full range of Proseccos. But we know that in some groups there might be someone who is a little less keen on sparkling wine. Or perhaps they need to keep their number of tasting glasses a little lower. By not including the wine tastings in our tours, nobody is forced to pay for a 7 glass tasting when they secretly dream of bottles of beer with lunch.

You only pay for what you have: Since you can each choose your tasting packages, you have full control over what you pay, whether that’s an upgrade to the full 7-glass tasting or just tasting a smaller number of glasses.

No hidden fees or commissions: You pay the winery directly for your tastings. We do not add any hidden fees on top of what the wineries charge. Nor do we receive a commission for taking you to specific wineries. We choose the wineries that we believe offer you the best experience and the best wine.

Tasting discounts are passed on to you: Some of our wineries offer discounts for our customers and as you pay the winery directly, you will receive the full benefit of these discounts. Please trust that we will take you to the wineries offering discounts wherever this makes sense for your itinerary, group requirements, season, time of booking and availability. There is no need to request this when you book.

You get a full wine-tasting experience: We believe you come to Prosecco to taste the wine. To us, that means more than a couple of glasses of the main styles you have probably already tasted at home. We want you to properly compare the wines so that you can leave your tour knowing what you really like.

One wine tasting doesn’t fit all. Ultimately, wine tasting is paid for separately because it offers the best experience for you on the day. We have been running wine tours for many years and we’ve personally taken wine tours with other tour companies all around the world. We genuinely believe our way of running tours is best for our customers. And our 5* Reviews suggest that our customers agree.

How do you compare to other tours?

If you’re comparing tours, do check what’s included. As mentioned above, on some tours you only get to taste a few glasses of Prosecco. Also, if you’re travelling with a group from Venice, part of your tour time will be car time. Our €250 Half Day Tour is often comparable to many full-day group tours that depart from Venice.

How much does the wine tasting cost?

Each winery is different so costs do vary a little bit. As a guide, tastings cost between €15 and €30 per person, per winery. On average, our customers pay €25 per person per winery. This typically includes a full tasting (7 glasses) or a smaller tasting paired with delicious local foods like cheese, cured meats and homemade bread.

Can we choose which wineries we visit?

Your tour is bespoke to you, so you can choose which wineries you visit. However, we will let you know if your chosen wineries are outside the usual area or if they will add a lot of drive time to your itinerary (as this may mean visiting fewer wineries). While we focus on premium DOCG wineries, with a preference for smaller, family-run wineries, if there is a popular D.O.C. winery you want to visit, let us know.

Do we need to choose the wineries we want to visit?

Absolutely not. Most of our customers let our drivers choose the best wineries and itinerary for their tour. Our drivers are local experts with decades of experience. They know the best wineries and are happy to share their expertise. This is best shown in our reviews.

How many wineries can we visit?

Our Full Day Tour includes time for 3 to 4 wineries. We always aim for 4 wineries but this may be reduced to 3 if you want to include a longer lunch, a visit to the vending machine, gelato time, sightseeing and scenic photoshoots, extended time in the vineyards, or a last-minute trip to the optician because you forgot your reading glasses (it happens!).

Our Half Day Tours include time for two wineries. If you’re comparing tours online, keep in mind that our Half Day tour is often comparable to some full-day tours that start in Venice – we also visit 2 wineries and usually offer the chance to taste more wines per winery.

Can we visit more wineries?

If you would like to visit more than four wineries, we recommend booking a second Full or Half Day Tour.

Can we pay for extra hours?

We have been running tours for many years and you should have plenty of time to complete your tour. However, we know that things don’t always go to plan. If you’re enjoying your tour at a very leisurely pace and are running a little behind time, your driver may be able to extend your tour by an additional hour. Check with your driver for availability. The rate is €65 per hour.

You cannot add extra hours to a Half Day Tour. We recommend booking a Full Day Tour if you would like to tour for longer or visit more wineries.

Can we visit fewer wineries?

Yes. If you’d rather visit fewer wineries and spend longer on other activities like sightseeing or at lunch, let your driver know when you book. Don’t worry – you’ll always get your allocated 4 or 7 tour hours.

Can we make our tour shorter?

If you need to have a shorter tour, e.g. 6 hours instead of 7 for a Full Day Tour, please let us know in advance. Our standard tour rates still apply. We don’t offer discounts for reduced hours.

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Tour Start And End Times

How long do your tours last and what are the start and end times?

Here are our tour times:

TourHoursStart TimeEnd Time
Full Day Tour7 hours10 a.m.5 p.m.
Half Day Tour (Morning)4 hours9 a.m.1 p.m.
Half Day Tour (Afternoon)4 hours2 p.m.6 p.m.

Can we change the start or end times?

We do have a little bit of flexibility on Full Day Tours if you’d like to start or finish earlier or later. Let your driver know when you book and they will do their best to accommodate your request. However, do keep in mind that our 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. hours generally align with the winery opening times.

We have very limited flexibility on Half Day Tours. This is because we run both morning and afternoon tours and there is limited time in between.

We have dinner plans – will we be back in time?

We’d hate for you to miss dinner! Let us know your plans and we can make sure you catch the train in time for your reservation. This may involve shortening your tour or altering your start time. As a guide, it takes around 1 hour to return to Venice by train.

Planning Your Visit

Can we take a tour from Trieste?

There is a town called Prosecco near Trieste which, understandably, confuses many visitors. However, the main Prosecco D.O.C.G. wine-growing region is located near Venice, between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano. To reach us from Trieste, the travel time is 1 hr 45 by car and around 2 hrs – 2.5 hrs by train. 

We can offer a transfer – the price is €660 return or €330 one-way for your group. As a cheaper alternative, you can take the train for around €20 per person one-way. If you want to visit by train, we will send you the best train time to catch. As a guide, you’d depart around 7 a.m. from Trieste to reach us in time for our Full Day Tour. There are some direct trains. Otherwise, you make one change of train in Venice.

We have had customers take the journey from Trieste as a day trip and they always find it a worthwhile journey.

Read more: How To Reach Us from Trieste

Can we take a tour from Verona?

The distance and journey time from Verona to the region is very similar to Trieste so please see the details above.

What do we do with our luggage?

Your driver will safely store your luggage in their van while you take your tour. If you’re staying locally, we will drop you at your accommodation at the end of your tour. Otherwise, we will take you to the station for your onward journey at the end of your tour.

Are your tours in English?

All of our drivers are fluent in English. In addition, at each winery, you will be taken through your wine tasting by an English-speaking expert from the winery.

Some of our drivers also speak French and Japanese. Please Contact Us with your request.

We have accessibility needs – can you help?

We will do whatever we can to help accommodate your accessibility needs. Please Contact Us to discuss your options and tailor your itinerary.

When Is The Best Time To Visit?

Month by month guide to visiting

The region is beautiful year-round and we offer tours throughout the year. Here are the main seasons month by month.

JanuaryLow Season
FebruaryLow SeasonCarnivale
MarchLow SeasonEaster
AprilLow SeasonEaster
MayShoulder SeasonPopular Month
JuneShoulder Season
JulyPeak Season
AugustPeak SeasonSee Harvest (below)
SeptemberPeak SeasonSee Harvest (below)
OctoberShoulder SeasonPopular Month
NovemberLow Season
DecemberLow SeasonChristmas & New Year

What’s the best time of year to visit?

Every visitor is different. Some people prefer sizzling summer days with busy crowds. Some prefer the peace of low season. The region is beautiful year-round and offers a different experience as the seasons change. Here’s a summary of what each season offers.

Peak season (July and August) has the hottest weather and largest crowds. You may want to ensure your accommodation has outdoor shade or a pool. We sometimes have difficulty visiting the vending machine during peak season, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. This is due to the large number of coaches in the area. Please book your hotels and tour months in advance, especially if you have fixed dates, want to visit specific wineries or plan to visit over the weekend.

HolidaysCarnivale, Easter, Christmas, New Year and national holidays in Italy are culturally fascinating times to visit. However, they should be treated as Peak Season and the area gets very busy with visitors. You can find out more details about local and national holidays in our Italian Events Calendar.

Harvest Season (Late August to Late September) – Harvest and the weeks before and after is a magical time to visit but do book your tour well in advance so we have time to work around winery closures.

Shoulder season (April, May and October) is a beautiful time to visit – the weather is warm enough and the crowds are fewer. In Spring, the vines are starting to bloom while in Autumn, the fruits of the harvest are evident. It’s one of our favourite times of year, and we’re not the only ones to recognise the beauty of these shoulder season months – outside peak season, May and October are our next busiest tour periods.

Low season (November to March) – the area is blissfully quiet during low season and we think it’s one of the most authentic seasons to visit. You’ll have a full choice of wineries available, accommodation is plentiful, and you’ll feel like you have the vineyards (almost) to yourself.

What’s the best day of the week to visit?

Weekdays (Monday to Friday) are the best days of the week to take a tour. We have fewer customers and therefore better availability, including at our wineries.

Saturdays are the most popular day to visit the region. As a result, our tours and the most popular wineries book months in advance and on Saturdays during peak months, it is difficult to visit the vending machine. However, we successfully run tours every Saturday throughout the year, so you can go ahead and book, confident that we’ll put together a wonderful itinerary for your group.

Sunday – Many tour companies don’t offer tours on Sundays. This is because many of the wineries are closed (and some even close on Saturdays). However, we have an excellent relationship with our wineries and they will open especially for our customers. (Sunday winery closures are only a concern if you are planning to visit without booking a tour.)

How far in advance should I book (tours and hotels)?

Peak Season (July and August) and Holidays – Peak season and holidays are our busiest tour periods so we recommend booking months in advance. If you have some flexibility on dates, we may have last-minute availability. Check the booking calendar for availability. Available dates are shown in black. Unavailable dates are grey. We also suggest booking accommodation months in advance.

Popular Months – although May and October are shoulder season months, they have historically been some of our busiest months for tours. We recommend treating these months as peak season and booking months in advance, especially if you have fixed dates. Accommodation is generally more available in shoulder season compared to peak season and you should find availability a month or so in advance. However, for better availability of your chosen hotel, book sooner.

Shoulder Season (April) – Accommodation and tour availability are both easier. We’d still suggest booking accommodation a month or more in advance for a better choice. As we have several drivers, we typically have availability during shoulder season and you can often find availability as close as two weeks before your trip. However, Saturdays are most popular so we recommend booking further ahead (around one month in advance) for Saturday tours.

Low season – There is more hotel availability and you will likely have the vineyards (almost) to yourselves. We tend to have good availability and you can book our tours much closer to your trip date.

Saturdays are the most popular day year round and our tours book up faster. If want to combine a popular day of the week with peak season travel, you will need to book much further ahead to guarantee availability.

Sundays – due to limited vineyard availability, please book as early as possible, ideally months ahead, for Sunday tours. This allows us to reserve the best wineries for your visit. It also allows us to maintain a good relationship with our wineries – we want to remain popular with our wineries so they continue to offer Sunday visits for our customers.

When is the grape harvest?

The dates of the grape harvest are scheduled by nature and change every year. As a guide, harvest tends to take place in the middle of September. It can last for a few weeks depending on the location within the hills and what grapes the wineries are harvesting (white, red or both). We typically know by late May when the harvest will be for that year.

Does the harvest impact tours?

Many of the wineries close for a week or two before the harvest to take a short break ahead of the weeks of intense effort. Also during the harvest, the normal opening hours for wine tastings can be interrupted. The good news is that we are in close contact with all of our wineries and can offer a seamless experience with our tours uninterrupted. However, we do ask that you book as far ahead as possible so that we can find enough wineries open to allow you the full tour experience.

Are the wineries open every day?

We have a wonderful relationship with many wineries in the region and therefore we’re able to run tours every day of the week. However, if you are visiting without a tour, please note that many wineries are closed on Sundays, some close on Saturdays, and all may close without notice for family holidays. Check and book before visiting. This does not affect our tour customers.

Do the wineries close at lunchtime?

As mentioned above, we have a wonderful relationship with many wineries in the region and they can welcome our customers throughout the day. If you’re visiting privately, many wineries close for the lunch period from 12 p.m. until 2 p.m. This does not affect our tour customers.

Packing & Shipping Wine

What should I pack?

In addition to your usual items, you may want to also pack:

  • A warm layer if you’re staying overnight outside summer. There is some altitude in the area which means cooler temperatures at night.
  • Flat walking shoes in case you go for a wander in the vineyards or visit the vending machine.
  • Allergy/hay fever medication – if you suffer from hay fever or pollen allergies, pack your medication as a precaution. You’re in the countryside and while allergen levels can change throughout the year, having a blocked or stuffy nose will reduce your wine-tasting enjoyment.
  • Enough space in your luggage – most of our customers take at least one bottle of wine home.

How can I take wine home with me?

Most wineries sell wines by the half case, which is 6 bottles. If you’re buying Prosecco from just one winery, they will be able to arrange shipping for you. If you want to ship wine home from multiple wineries, we work with an excellent shipping company that can send your wine internationally. The shipping prices are competitive and include packing, insurance as well as the relevant duties and taxes. Speak to your driver on the day and they can arrange this for you. We do not charge a fee for helping you ship wine. We simply want you to be able to enjoy a taste of Italy once you’re back home.

If you want to take wine home in your luggage, we have written a details guide for how to pack it, together with the relevant rules: Flying With Alcohol – Don’t Break The Rules Or A Bottle

Where Is The Best Place To Stay?

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Map of the Region – Hotels, Vineyards & Restaurants

Tips For Visiting Venice

We have guides to help you plan your visit to Venice and Northern Italy.

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    • Hi Caiara, I’m afraid we don’t run any group tours but we will happily take a solo visitor (and have done many times). You may find a tour company that will let you add on (sorry, I don’t know any to recommend) but be careful because you may find you are cancelled last minute if nobody else books onto the tour. As a solo traveller myself, I’ve had this happen in many countries, which is really frustrating if you have limited time in the area. If this does happen last minute, message me and we might be able to help you out. Hope that helps?

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