Prosecco: Learn More About The Drink You Love

Want to learn more about Prosecco? In this guide we’ll give you everything you need to help know your favourite sparkling wine that much better. (Some of the articles included here are from my sister site, Indiana Jo where I cover more wine tips and advice for visiting Italy). What You'll Find in this Prosecco Wine Guide Prosecco cocktails: Our favourite Prosecco cocktails to make at home. Everything you ever wanted to know about Prosecco - there's a 99% chance you're drinking it from the wrong glass. The home of Prosecco in Italy: A little bit about the home of Prosecco in Italy Our...Read More

Our Ultimate Prosecco Planning Guide

Planning a trip to Prosecco? In this guide we'll give you everything you need to help you plan your trip to Prosecco and throughout Northern Italy. (Some of the articles included here are from my sister site, Indiana Jo where I cover more tips and advice for visiting Italy). What you'll find in this Prosecco guide The best Prosecco wineries Where to stay in the Veneto region Things to do in Northern Italy How to get around Venice & the Prosecco region Our food and drink guides (including some Prosecco cocktail recipes) Getting started Explore our Prosecco Tours If you want...Read More
speed boat in Venice italy

How To Get To Venice From The Airport

If you’re heading to Venice, chances are you already know that it’s known as the city of water, and for good reason. Venice is located on a group of 118 islands connected by over 400 bridges and separated by countless canals. So, if you’re traveling to this lovely northeastern city in Italy, be forewarned: a car will only get you so far. To give you an idea of how water-based Venice is, ambulances, school buses, and delivery of stock to restaurants is all done by boat. In fact, Venice has very strict transportation rules, and all motorised transport is required...Read More

15 Best Things To Do in Treviso Italy

Treviso is a city in the Veneto region of northeastern Italy, which due to it's close proximity to the hugely popular tourist destination of Venice (just 26km away) is unfortunately overlooked by many visiting the region. Treviso has even been referred to as 'the gateway to Venice', with its small airport providing a low-cost alternative to flying into nearby Venice Marco Polo airport. However, what many don't realise is that Treviso is a beautiful destination in its own right, with several historic palaces, medieval city walls, a maze of pretty canals and narrow cobbled streets. Plus, not only is Treviso a...Read More

25 Prosecco Gifts (You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself)

Looking for Prosecco gifts for the Prosecco lover in your life? Don't waste hours trawling through the Internet. Here at Visit Prosecco Italy, we're what you might call experts at all things Prosecco. And in this article, we'll share with you some of the best Prosecco gifts you can buy. In fact, these are so good, you'll probably want to keep them for yourself. A few of them are on our Christmas Gift List. We've grouped them by category whether you're looking for stocking filler Prosecco gifts or a lavish Prosecco tasting experience, we have everything you need to make...Read More

12 Prosecco Cocktails To Make At Home

We all know that Prosecco is a tasty tipple served on its own, but did you know that Northern Italy's famous sparkling wine also makes a great ingredient for cocktails? 12 Prosecco cocktails Whether it's for impressing friends at a party or enjoying with a loved one at home on a Friday night, here are 12 easy Prosecco cocktails you can make yourself. Note: all the measures are in European ml. We've added oz with some rounding. If you can, follow the ml measures. 1. Aperol Spritz With its vibrant orange appearance and aromatic citrusy taste, Italy’s famous Aperol Spritz...Read More
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How to Choose Good Prosecco

There’s nothing like a chilled, crisp glass of Prosecco. Whether sipped on its own or using its aromatic fizz to elevate flavours in a cocktail, a glass of fruity, sparkling wine can lift the spirits and transport you to the verdant hills of northern Italy. But how can you tell if you’re drinking good Prosecco? When toasting a special occasion, Prosecco can be charmingly inexpensive; but have you selected the very best and is it authentic rather than imitation? Spending some time learning a little bit about the bubbly stuff and its origins could make the difference between an average...Read More

There’s a Prosecco Vending Machine in Italy – Here’s How To Visit

Worried about Coronavirus?  You can read more here. I remember the day I took my first flight on my first around the world trip. Stood at Heathrow airport, backpack on, filled with nervous excitement. I felt like all of the previous years of my life had somehow coalesced to bring me to this wonderful, life-changing, life-enhancing moment. Things would never be the same again. My whole world was about to shift. Can you picture it? It was a pretty spectacular feeling and I'm telling you that because that excitement - that sense of wonder - was nothing compared to the...Read More

Want to Taste Prosecco? Don’t Go To Trieste

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you know you're about to deliver bad news. And there's no way around it. I've had that feeling a lot recently. And it starts with an email or chat message that opens a little something like this... "What are the best Prosecco vineyards to visit near Trieste?" It's the kind of message that makes me want to go and hide under my stairs. But then I remember I'm (supposed to be) an adult and I set about delivering the blow - that the main Prosecco region is actually 2-3 hours away...Read More
Italy Christmas Markets

The Best Italian Christmas Markets to Visit

The Italian Christmas Markets may be less well known than their European counterparts in the likes of Germany and Switzerland, but that doesn't make Italy’s ‘Mercatino di Natale’ any less magical. From the elaborate nativity scenes to tasty local delicacies such as Panettone and vin brule (mulled wine), Italy's Christmas Markets will have you feeling festive in no time and are a great option for a European Christmas break. The Best Italian Christmas Markets Below you'll find a list of many of the best Italian Christmas Markets, starting with the bigger cities and towns, then moving on to several smaller and...Read More