How To Eat Italian Breakfast Like A Local

Cappuccino and croissant in Italy

Italy is renowned for its food – pizza, pasta, cheese, gelato, and Italian wines are all staples of the Italian diet. But what isn’t discussed as much is Italian breakfast (colazione in Italian). What do Italians eat for breakfast? And what can you expect to eat in the morning on your trip to Italy? Like … Read more

15 Classic Italian Desserts To Try

classic italian tiarmisu

I think we can all agree that Italian food is definitely one of the best cuisines in the world – pizza, pasta, indulgent lasagna. There really is only one thing that tops it, and that’s Italian dessert. There’s a definite theme to the kinds of sweet dishes served in Italy – creamy, chocolatey and often … Read more

How to Drink A Passion Fruit Martini + An Easy Recipe

The Passion Fruit Martini is known by another name. It rhymes with ‘cornstar’. But this isn’t that kind of website, so we’ll be referring to it as a Passion Fruit Martini instead. Still, you probably know what we’re talking about because it requires a little giggle when you order it. Yet that won’t stop you … Read more

The Best Day Trips from Venice – Discover Northern Italy

Rolle Prosecco Region

The floating city of Venice has long been north-eastern Italy’s most famous destination. And rightly so. With its winding canals, grand palaces, and luxurious piazzas, Venice has earned its place high on many travellers’ bucket lists. So, why would you want to leave the city that is the destination? It might seem like a crazy … Read more

Italian Aperitivo – Everything You Need To Know

I remember the first time I visited Treviso, a city close to Italy’s Prosecco Region. I was in the area exploring some new vineyards and restaurants to add to our Prosecco tours. After a long winter, it was once again warm enough to enjoy the terrace, and, with work done for the week, I finally … Read more

21 Most Popular Places to Visit in Venice, Italy

As Alexander Herzen once said, “To build a city where it is impossible to build a city is madness in itself, but to build there one of the most elegant and grandest of cities is the madness of genius.” And Venice is just that. One of the most elegant and grandest of cities, that defies … Read more

Gelato vs Ice Cream vs Sorbet – What’s the Difference?

Whether you’re wandering the streets of Italy or at the beach on a hot day, there’s nothing better than a blended, frozen dessert. Ice cream, gelato and sorbet are three of the most popular summery treats all across the world. But if you’ve ever found yourself wondering what’s the difference between gelato and ice cream … Read more

15 Fun Drinking Games for Couples

If you thought drinking games were a recent invention, you might be surprised to know know that there’s sound evidence that people have been playing drinking games since the fifth century BC. And the underlying purpose of these games has never changed – to ensure that every second spent with one’s drinking companion is meaningful. … Read more

How to Ease Your Hangover in 7 Simple Steps

You opened a bottle of Prosecco last night with the intention of drinking just a glass over dinner. Next thing you know, the sophisticated at home wine tasting has morphed into cocktails, drinking games and ended up with you dancing on the table in a bar with friends. And was there a Passion Fruit Martini … Read more

15 Best Hangover Foods (and Foods to Avoid)

Hangovers are definitely the least fun thing about drinking. You wake up after a few too many Prosecco cocktails or glasses of wine with a pounding head, dry mouth, shaky hands, and a churning stomach. And the worse part is, you now have to attempt to make it through an entire day. Unfortunately, there’s no … Read more