Where to Eat in the Prosecco Region

I have a special gift – I seem to have the same number of stomachs as a cow; something that comes in particularly handy when I’m grazing my way around the restaurants of the Prosecco region.

What follows is a list of where to eat in the Prosecco region. I have eaten at all of the locations below. If there’s somewhere you’ve tried that’s not on the list below, drop me a message. I’m always interested in new food recommendations.

Understanding the Italian lingo: 

Osteria – means tavern.

Locanda – means inn.

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(In alphabetical order)

Al Milani

Where to eat in the Prosecco Region Al Milani

I was on a time crunch and a group of 10 hikers had just sat down when I arrived at this wine bar and restaurant in Follina so, unfortunately, I only had time to try a platter of cured meats and cheeses. However, if the service and quality of this simple board is anything to go by, the hot dishes will be more than fine. I particularly liked the service here – when I explained that I had to be somewhere, the young waiter suggested the quickest way for me to eat and recommended an excellent wine to boot.

Tip: the small terrace is a beautiful sun trap, perfect for a spritz on a hot day.

Bistro La Cantinetta

Where to eat in the Prosecco Region Bistro La Cantinetta

If you don’t want to splurge on Michelin-stars at La Corte (below), try Bistro La Cantinetta. Located within the same Hotel Villa Abazzia that is home to La Corte, you’ll find a simpler menu but the food still ranks for quality. Whether you’re staying at the Relais & Chateaux hotel or just passing through, this bistro is perfect for an informal dinner or a relaxed lunch on the terrace between wine tastings.


Where to eat in the Prosecco Region Gelaterita

A trip to Italy wouldn’t be complete without at least one gelato and there is every chance that you’ll want more than one from Gelaterita. Located within Follina, Gelaterita does it right with seasonal flavours and high quality dairy.

Did you know? If you want good gelato, look out for the metal tubs. All those piled high, extravagantly decorated gelato displays you see are designed for luring you in. Good gelato is kept under a lid in a metal container.

La Corte

Where to eat in the Prosecco Region - La Corte Follina

If you’ve got a special occasion to celebrate or you’re after Michelin-star food, head to La Corte in Follina. It’s the Prosecco region’s only Michelin-star restaurant and, unsurprisingly, serves some of the finest food you’ll find in the area. I’d highly recommend one of the tasting menus complete with wine pairing. Just when I thought I’d learned enough about Prosecco, the local wine pairings gave me something more to think about.

Accommodation available: La Corte is located with the Hotel Villa Abazzia, a grand hotel in central Follina. You can find out more on my accommodation page.

Locanda da Lino

Where to eat in the Prosecco Region Locanda da lino

Locanda da Lino is impressive from start to finish. Enter, and you’re met with a ceiling covered in copper pots – there are over 3,000 pots I’m told (I didn’t count them) – but this wasn’t nearly as impressive as the flavours I found on my plate. Stuffed with cheese and then topped with smoked and shaved cheese, I was somehow vanquished by this four-strong, wonderfully rich plate of tortellini. Proof that simple dishes are often the best.

Accommodation available: Check out my Where to stay in the Prosecco region for details of the rooms available at Locanda da Lino.

Locanda Marinelli

Where to eat in the Prosecco Region - Locanda Marinelli

Locanda Marinelli offered one delightful surprise after another. From the ‘experienced’ age of the husband and wife duo that are still managing to cook up a feast to the tucked away location, to the food, walking into what felt like the family home, I expected rustic fayre and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Plate after plate the food looked almost too good to eat. Almost.

Tip: do not skip the truffle fries.

Bonus: Locanda Marinelli also has beds so you don’t need to walk your full stomach too far if you stay here overnight. Find out more on my page about Where to Stay in the Prosecco Region.

Osteria Senz’Oste

Where to eat in the Prosecco Region - Osteria Senz'Oste

Pretty much every article you read about the Prosecco region of Italy is going to have some mention of Osteria Senz’Oste and quite rightly so. Why? This is one unique ‘dining establishment’. Firstly, there are only patrons, no staff. Osteria Senz’Oste is a self-service tavern that operates on an honesty policy basis.

You’re only going to find basics here: bread, meat, cheese, water and, of course, Prosecco, but they are the perfect ingredients for an al fresco picnic with some shockingly good views. If you’re on a budget or you’re short on time (Italian meals are not known for their speed), this is a brilliant stop.

Bonus: You’re just over the road from the popular Col Vetoraz Vineyard and just down the hill from the Prosecco vending machine (yes, that’s a thing).

Pasticceria Ducale

Where to eat in the Prosecco Region - Pasticceria Ducale

A girl’s got to eat breakfast (boys too, of course) and Pasticceria Ducale was one of my favourite morning hang out spots in the Prosecco region. I could have spent a day cruising through the myriad pastries and consuming a truck load of caffeine. Sadly (?!), I had Prosecco drinking to do.


Where to eat in the Prosecco Region PER

Want to do some cheese tasting? Head to PER. Part deli, part restaurant, part creamery, you really can have it all at PER. I opted for a cheese-tasting lunch rather than ordering from the menu and my inner-cheese addict couldn’t have been happier. All washed down with a glass of…you guessed it…Prosecco, I don’t think casually informative lunches get more tasty than this. I managed to get a cheeky look in the cheese room – this, I believe, is what cheese dreams are made of.

Wine Bar Centrale

Where to eat in the Prosecco Region - Wine Bar Centrale Capuccino

There’s no way I’d have swung into this ‘wine bar’ for cappuccino unless I’d been taken by a loca. But I’m glad I did. The cappuccino was thick and strong – almost as thick and strong as the hoard of locals getting their morning fix; testament to the ‘wine bar’s’ popularity as a breakfast spot.

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