12 Easy Prosecco Cocktails To Make At Home

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We all know that Prosecco is a tasty tipple served on its own, but did you know that Northern Italy‘s famous sparkling wine also makes a great ingredient for cocktails? Whether it’s for impressing friends at a party or enjoying with a loved one on a Friday night, here are my favourite Prosecco cocktails that are so easy you can make them yourself at home.

1. Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz is one of Northern Italy’s most popular apéritifs (pre-dinner drinks). And it has swept around the globe in recent years. It’s is an Italian wine-based cocktail that’s made with just three ingredients – Aperol, Prosecco, and soda water. What is Aperol? It’s a classic Italian bitter liqueur that’s made from an infusion of herbs and roots including orange and rhubarb. Aperol has an aromatic citrusy flavour and distinctive orange colour. In my Aperol recipe I have the classic Aperol Spritz as well as some fun twists including a Strawberry Aperol Spritz and a Limoncello Aperol Spritz.

2. Peach Bellini

Bellini cocktail, best prosecco cocktails

A Bellini is a cocktail made using Prosecco and peach. It was created by Giuseppe Cipriani in Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy. At its best, the Bellini is a summer cocktail made using white peaches which are in season for just a few short weeks. However, thanks to peach purees which are now readily available in stores, it’s easy to whip up a batch of Bellinis any time of year. I personally like them as a Christmas morning treat when I’m opening all my (hopefully) Prosecco-themed gifts. It’s not like there’s work the next day, right? If you want to make your Bellini from scratch, I’ve got full details in my recipe.

3. Passion Fruit Martini

Pornstar martini cocktail

A Passion Fruit Martini is a sweet and zingy vodka-based cocktail made with vanilla and passionfruit. Although it’s often listed as a Prosecco cocktail, the Prosecco doesn’t actually go inside the cocktail. Instead, it’s served on the side in a shot glass. Don’t worry, the Passion Fruit Martini recipe is still a quick one to put together.

You might know the Passion Fruit Martini by another name (rhymes with cornstar). You’ll often see it with the passion fruit name instead, to keep things family-friendly. Not sure how to drink the Prosecco part of a passion fruit martini? Do you sip it, shoot it, pour the Prosecco in? You can find the answer included in my recipe below.

4. The Hugo

Hugo cocktail with mint and lime

The Hugo is a delicate and refreshing spritz-style cocktail made from Prosecco, soda water and elderflower syrup. To elevate its elegance, a sprig of mint is added as a garnish. As light summer drinks go, it doesn’t get more decadent than this. And, with a good splash of soda water and no hard liquor, it’s relatively light in terms of alcohol content. That makes it perfect for a spring or summer garden party.

5. Sgroppino

Prosecco cocktail with lemon sorbet

The Sgroppino is a simple vodka and Prosecco-based cocktail that is blended with lemon sorbet. In short, it’s a alcoholic-lemon slushy for adults. However, the Sgroppino also has impressive versatility. Most people serve it as a summer cocktail on a hot day. However, it’s also a wonderful dessert substitute at a dinner party where a boozy sweet course will go down well. Or, if you want to get to the root of this centuries-old drink, serve it how it was originally intended, as a palate cleanser between courses when you’re dishing up an Italian feast.

6. Elderflower Gin Fizz

Elderflower Fizz Cocktail with lemon and lime

A fresh and elegant drink that features elderflower liqueur, gin and Prosecco, the Elderflower Gin Fizz is another cocktail that most people turn to during the summer. But even if you’re indoors, this floral-flavoured cocktail is a wonderful alternative to your standard gin and tonic. And, as far as I’m concerned, it can be enjoyed on any occasion and during any season. It’s perked up more than one of my dark winter nights. Tip: since the delicate floral flavour of the elderflower is pretty subtle, focus on good quality Prosecco and gin as it will make a big difference to the taste.

7. Prosecco Pink Gin Fizz

Cocktail pink gin and prosecco

This Prosecco Pink Gin Fizz creation is not only one of the easiest Prosecco cocktails to make but also one of the prettiest. It’s a cheat’s version of the classic Pink Gin Fizz which uses grenadine, lemon juice, simple syrup and soda water. This simpler Prosecco Pink Gin Fizz recipe uses a delicate pink gin, high-quality Prosecco and lemonade for sweetness. I serve it year-round as it’s perfect for using up half-opened bottles of Prosecco and lemonade that you have left over. Dare I suggest it as an adult’s drink at a kid’s party?

8. Prosecco Margarita

Prosecco margarita with colouful food in background

Who doesn’t love a bit of fusion, especially when it comes to cocktails? And this Prosecco Margarita proves that the flavours of Italian Prosecco and Mexican Tequila make a really good team. We’re all familiar with the popular Mexican cocktail, maragarita – a lime-based cocktail using tequila. Well, a Prosecco Margarita takes the classic recipe and adds some sparkle by topping off the glass with Prosecco. It’s refreshing, fizzy and fun. And, since Prosecco pairs well with spicy food, it’s a winner for nacho night or Taco Tuesday. I like to use white tequila rather than aged, golden tequila for this recipe.

9. Negroni Sbagliato

Classic Negroni with prosecco

A Negroni Sbagliato takes the ingredients of a classic Negroni – sweet vermouth, Campari, and gin – and replaces the gin with Prosecco. The drink actually came about by mistake. In 1972, Mirko Stocchetto from Bar Basso in Milan accidentally added sparkling wine to a Negroni instead of gin. It’s good proof that some mistakes are worth making because it led to a refreshing version of the classic Negroni that’s a little less boozy to boot. Translated, ‘sbagliato’ means ‘mistaken’ in Italian.

10. Bakewell Fizz

Bakewell Fizz Prosecco Cocktail

Looking for a Prosecco cocktail to serve in the winter months? This rich Bakewell Fizz is great whether it’s enjoyed sitting by the fire on a frosty evening or at a Thanksgiving or Christmas celebration with friends and family. Even better, the Bakewell Fizz is a simple, 4-ingredient make-in-the-glass style cocktail. It uses Disaronno amaretto, maraschino liqueur and Prosecco to recreate the sweet cherry and almond taste of the popular British Bakewell Tart (a sweet cherry almond pie). One to serve next time you’re watching British Bake-Off (The Great British Baking Show)?

11. Christmas Prosecco Punch

Christmas Prosecco cocktail

Christmas Prosecco Punch is a festive cranberry-based cocktail that is lightened with the bright summer flavour of orange and Pomegranate. Vodka and orange liqueur add the alcohol and, of course, Prosecco for some Christmas sparkle. It’s another cocktail that’s perfect for Christmas and the holidays. You can make it in bulk for an office Christmas party or festive get-together with friends. And look at those ingredients – it’s the perfect blend of naughty and nice. Add an Italian cheese board or find out what foods pair well with Prosecco.

12. Mimosa

Mimosa cocktails with bottle of sparkling wine.

A Mimosa is one of the easiest and simplest cocktails you can make. You need just two ingredients – orange juice and a dry sparkling wine. While a Mimosa is traditionally made with French Champagne, using a Brut Italian Prosecco gives you a budget-friendly alternative that tastes every bit as good. As a rule of thumb, a Mimosa is 1 part sparkling wine to 2 parts OJ. This is what makes it different to a Bucks Fizz, and since it’s a little lighter on alcohol, it’s ideal for a celebratory Italian-themed breakfast or brunch. In my recipe, I’ve got some fruity alternatives, serving tips and ideas for creating a Mimosa bar. Try adding some Italian pastries!

So, there you have my favourite Prosecco cocktails you can make at home. Have you tried any? Let me know in the comments below.

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