Our Ultimate Prosecco Planning Guide

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Planning a trip to Prosecco? In this guide we’ll give you everything you need to help you plan your trip to Prosecco and throughout Northern Italy.

(Some of the articles included here are from my sister site, Indiana Jo where I cover more tips and advice for visiting Italy).

What you’ll find in this Prosecco guide

  • The best Prosecco wineries
  • Where to stay in the Veneto region
  • Things to do in Northern Italy
  • How to get around Venice & the Prosecco region
  • Our food and drink guides (including some Prosecco cocktail recipes)

Getting started

Visit Prosecco Italy Vineyard Marchiori varietals

Explore our Prosecco Tours

If you want the easy solution for visiting the Prosecco Region, check out our Prosecco tours. Starting from €250 for up to 4 people, you can book online. Pay a 20% deposit when you book and the remainder to your tour driver on the day.

Read the most Frequently Asked Questions about our tours

Already made a tour enquiry? From Covid questions to clothing suggestions, our most Frequently Asked Questions might answer some of your questions.

Read reviews of our Prosecco tours

And if you haven’t already, you might want to check out our reviews. It’s lovely when people say such nice things about us (we find it a bit embarrassing boasting about ourselves).

Wineries & Our Prosecco Tours

Of course, the main attraction in the Prosecco region (as well as the scenery and fantastic food) is the Prosecco tasting.

The Best Prosecco Wineries

The vast majority of our customers are very happy to leave the winery choosing to their driver. The drivers have a magical knack for knowing which winery will be best on which day and for which customers.

But some people like to pick one or two wineries themselves. If that’s you, you might find our winery guide useful.

We’ve done a tasting at every winery on the list (I know, tough gig) so you’re getting our personal opinions. We’re also pretty picky so you can be confident these are great wineries.

You can find our Prosecco winery guide here.

Our Prosecco Tours – Family First

Did you know, we’re a pretty small team over here at Visit Prosecco Italy? Small enough that we feel like family – our Prosecco Family.

hat family feeling runs through everything we do – our drivers are local; we focus on family run wineries and eateries; and we like to think that our customers become part of our Prosecco Family, too (we’re still swapping holiday messages and recipes with some customers years later).

If you want to be part of the family and you’re not already in the process of booking, check out our tours.

Where To Stay In Veneto

Where to stay in the Prosecco region Relais Darfanta

If there’s one thing we know for sure – after a day tasting Prosecco, you’re going to want a place to rest your head.

If you haven’t already got your accommodation booked, here are some accommodation guides we’ve put together for the Veneto region.

The Best of the Prosecco Region

These are our favourite places to stay in the Prosecco region. So many customers who come on a day trip tell us they wish they’d stayed at least one night. If you have the chance to slot in an overnight stay, you won’t regret it. You can read our guide to the Best of the Prosecco Region here.

Where to stay in Venice

From the best areas in Venice to luxury hotels, cosy apartment and budget accommodation, this is our guide to where to stay in Venice. You can read our guide to Where to Stay in Venice here.

Where to stay in Conegliano

Within the Prosecco region but accessible by train from Venice and Treviso, Conegliano is a great base for your trip, with plenty of bars and restaurants within walking distance after you’ve finished your Prosecco tour. You can read our guide to Where to Stay in Conegliano here.

Where to stay in Treviso

Treviso is another great jumping-off point for the Prosecco region but perhaps more important, it’s the place where Tiramisu was invented. We have some accommodation suggestions in this article on Treviso (as well as info on where to eat that famous first tiramisu).

Things To Do In Italy

Where to stay in Venice gondolas Grand Canal

Whether it’s your first or your umpteenth visit to Italy, there is plenty to do and explore in this beautiful, boot-shaped corner of Europe. Since you’re interested in Prosecco, let’s focus on Northern Italy (though I have some tips at the bottom if you’re exploring other parts of Italy).

What follows is a series of articles to help you explore Northern Italy. Some of them are from the Visit Prosecco Italy blog archives. Others I’ve written on my sister travel website, Indiana Jo. In both cases you’ll find our insider tips for visiting Italy.

10 Things NOT To Do In Venice (And 10 To DO Instead)

This wildly popular article is perfect for a first time visit to Venice; or subsequent visits – it took me a few times to ‘get it right’ in Venice. This was the magic formula. Read the article on Indiana Jo.

15 Best Things To Do In Treviso

Treviso is a great jumping-off point for the Prosecco region. It’s pretty but far less packed than nearby Venice. It’s also the place where Tiramisu was invented. You can read about Treviso here.

40 Things To Do In Milan (That Aren’t Churches)

Milan has a lot more going on than the Last Supper. From top-class gelato to a tower block covered in greenery, it’s worth spending time getting to know Milan. Article on Indiana Jo.

How To Visit The Prosecco Vending Machine

If you haven’t heard about the Prosecco vending machine high up in the hills of Prosecco, click below and add it to your Prosecco tour plans. Just let your driver know and they can take you to this secret spot. You can read about the Prosecco machine here.

Top 10 Things To Do In Verona

Can there be a more romantic spot than Verona? From the Romeo & Juliet balcony to the Roman amphitheatre that rivals the colosseum, Verona is a great stop on your Northern Italy itinerary. Article on Indiana Jo.

+10 Article For Exploring Beyond Northern Italy

For those of you exploring beyond Northern Italy, check out our round up of tips for visiting other popular regions in Italy including Tuscany, Puglia, Sardinia and more. You can find that Italy round-up here.

How To Get Around The Prosecco Region

Visit Prosecco Italy Views of Prosecco Region

Just an hour away from Venice, the Prosecco region is very easy to add to your Italy travel itinerary. In this section we’ll share tips to help you plan your time in the Prosecco region including how to get there and how to get around.

The Essential Tips

  • Venice doesn’t have roads. This confuses most first-time visitors but it’s useful to understand why your Prosecco tour driver can’t pick you up from your hotel!
  • Instead there are water buses to get you around as well as private water taxis.
  • There is one location in Venice for cars – Piazzale Roma. If you want to get picked up or get to Venice by airport bus, this will be your stop before travelling on (probably) by water.
  • It’s very easy to reach the ‘gateway’ to the Prosecco region by direct train from Venice. The easiest train stop: Conegliano.
  • The Prosecco region isn’t walkable (too far between wineries without footpaths). That’s why we recommend taking a tour. If you self-drive, please have a designated sober driver.
  • When you book to stay within the Prosecco region, plan your evening meals – some of the farmhouses, while beautiful, are remote (your driver can do dinner pick up and drop off for a small additional charge).

We have more details on all of the above in the following articles.

How To Get To Venice From The Airport

Most visitors will arrive in Venice airport. In this article we set out the various options for getting to Venice from the airport, including the fastest route, the most exhilarating option (read: speed boat) and also some cheaper options. Our Venice to the Airport article is here.

If You Want To Taste Prosecco, Don’t Go To Trieste

Put Prosecco into Google Maps and you’ll find the town in Trieste. However, that’s not where the wineries and tastings are. The Prosecco region you want to visit is located between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, two to three hours away from Trieste. Find out more about Trieste here.

Getting To Prosecco: Travel Planning Guide

From Airport codes to car hire to Uber to train routes, costs and times, this is a detailed guide to help you plan your visit to the Prosecco region.

Our Prosecco Map

We’re map nerds. If you are too, you’ll love our interactive Google map which shows the locations of our favourite wineries, restaurants and places to stay as well as key locations like airports and train stations. You can download a copy to use offline. You can find our Prosecco map here.

Don’t Want To Plan Anything? Book A Tour

If all this talk of planning is ruining your vacation dreams, book one of our tours. Your driver can arrange to collect you or will send you the exact train times and station details. They can even help you choose where to stay in the Prosecco region and get you back on your travels when it’s time to leave. You can book a tour here.

Prosecco Cocktails (And Other Food & Drink)

Pink gin prosecco cocktail

If you’re anything like us, food and drink is pretty high up the list of things to do when you visit a country and can you think of a better place in the world to explore the cuisine than Italy? In this section we’ll share some of our favourite foodie suggestions with you.

Our Favourite Foodie Tips

  • Sadly, Venice is one of the few places in Italy where you can get bad food. Use our food guide to avoid disappointment.
  • Did you know pizza ovens are mostly banned in Venice (to avoid the city setting on fire)? Save your pizza eating for any other place – we have a great pizzeria to suggest in the Prosecco region.
  • Also, don’t miss Gelaterita – one of the best gelatos you’ll find in Italy. Your driver can add a stop to your Prosecco tour.
  • Many of the Prosecco wineries offer food pairings, typically local cheese and cured meats. Let your driver know if you want to try food and wine pairing and they can add that to your tour itinerary, too.

Best Restaurants & Bars In Venice (Tried & Tested)

This is a pretty epic list that’s been years in the (eating) and making. It includes personal favourites from me as well as the drivers. If you’re spending any time in Venice, check this out. Article on Indiana Jo.

Where To Eat In The Prosecco Region

Venice is one of the few places in Italy where it’s possible to get bad food. The antidote: eat in one of the many restaurants in the Prosecco region. The price goes down and the quality goes up. What’s not to love? You can read our Prosecco food guide here.

How To Order Coffee In Italy

Italy takes its coffee seriously and if you want to sip the dark nectar like a local, it’s worth understanding the dos and don’ts of how to order coffee in Italy. Article on Indiana Jo.

12 Prosecco Cocktails To Make At Home

If all those food and drink articles have whet your appetite but your trip is still some way off, here are 12 of our favourite Prosecco cocktails to make at home. Enjoy! You can find the Prosecco cocktails here.

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