An unforgettable day!

My 2 friends and I had a wonderful day with Oriana touring through the Prosecco hills. Right from the moment she picked us up we knew we were in for a great day.
The weather was so gorgeous that Oriana decided to change things up a little in a way that would bring us to a beautiful vineyard with a glass-fronted tasting room. We were able to soak up the beautiful landscape and the full sunshine while getting an in depth introduction of the land, vines and history of what we were drinking. The wineries that Oriana brought us to were a perfectly balanced mix between small, medium and a bit bigger and each offered a unique and personal touch. We learned so much and we tasted delicious and varied Prosecco at each stop. At lunch time we went to a wonderful restaurant run by friends of Oriana and we excitedly took advantage of it being white truffle season. Our lunch was spectacular and a special part of the experience. My friends and I each selected a couple bottles at each stop and it was very easy to have them packaged up and shipped home to the US. We ended our day at the train station armed with a couple extra bottles to be savored on the balcony of our next stop.
Oriana was a delight! Her knowledge of the area and her love of the land was palpable. We even crossed paths with her father and cousin over the course of the day. It goes to show how small of an area it really is and what a tight nit community the region is.