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What started out as a short page with a handful of personal recommendations of where to stay in the Prosecco region is growing by the year. As I become aware of new and wonderful places to stay, as I research the region in more detail and hear from you wonderful people about places you’ve stayed, I’ve started to put together area specific guides. At the moment, I have my original list, which is now called my ‘best of’ because it does reflect my personal favourite places to stay in the Prosecco region.

However, I’ve also added a guide for where to stay in Venice – because I know a lot of you will be combining your Prosecco tour with a stop in the city. What I particularly wanted to share with you is an overview of the various areas where you can stay in Venice. If St Mark’s presents too many tourists or is out of your budget, my guide has several decent alternatives for you.

My latest guide is about where to stay in Conegliano. If you’re arriving in Venice by train, this will be your end stop (unless you’ve booked with one of the drivers I work with and they have suggested a different station on the same train line). Conegliano has a very good range of accommodation, all within walking distance of the train station – ideal if you’re in the region without a car. And there are plenty of evening food and drink options in the city.

Coming soon – I’m working on an accommodation guide for Follina, one of my new favourite places to stay in the Prosecco region. And I’ve got some ‘themed’ guides on my to-do list from agritourisms, places where you can eat then sleep as well as apartment rentals. Check back soon. And, if you do have a place to recommend (or have a question), just let me know.

Where to stay in the Prosecco Region – Prosecco Accommodation Guides

For now, here are your guides. And scroll to the bottom – I’ve put together a map (Google maps) where you can see all the accommodation choices I’ve included in my guides.

The Best Places to stay in the Prosecco Region

Where to stay in the Prosecco region

Where to stay in Venice

Where to stay in Venice main

Where to stay in Conegliano

Where to stay in Conegliano Italy Prosecco Road Italy

Map of the Prosecco region

(together with all of the accommodation listed in the guides above)

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