The highlight of our time in Italy

Yesterday my parents and I spent the most beautiful afternoon tasting prosecco in Valdobbiadene. We were collected at Susegana, a short train trip from Venice, by Alessio, our driver.

Alessio is extremely knowledgable about the region and its history (not only the wine making parts) and he made the trip so much more interesting. His car was spotlessly clean and comfortable and his driving was impeccable. The two producers he chose for our itinerary (Gregoletto and Duca di Dolle) we’re each wonderful in their own way. Gregoletto demonstrated their production methods, passed down through the family since their vineyards were established in 1600. Duca di Dolle a more recently established producer (still decades old) had the most breathtaking setting and views I have ever seen. At both locations the insight into different types of prosecco, mixes of grape, and production methods increased our understanding and enjoyment of the wine immensely.

I highly recommend both Alessio, and the two vineyards – Gregoletto and Duca di Dolle – to anyone traveling to this region of Italy.