Prosecco Tour August 2019

Hi Jo! Thank you for the very insightful blog and step by step details of how to book the Prosecco Tour in Venice! So many people have suggested online to use Oriana’s transport company for the tour, so we opted for that and her details are on Facebook. Our driver was Cris, he emailed me packages to choose from to make up an itinerary for the day. We chose the option for 2 wine farms (your choice or let him choose) and a lunch, but you can also choose more or less, plus a cabriolet car (for an extra fee) which made the day unforgettable! Our second tasting at Colvetoraz was where the famous vending machines are and that was unique! Cris gave us the exact details of which trains to take from our location which really helps when you are not familiar with the trains. This was definitely a highlight on our trip and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to experience the rolling prosecco hills, prosecco tastings surrounded by gorgeous views, a lunch made by locals and memories to last a lifetime.