One of the coolest things we have ever done!

My husband and I were in Venice in February. We have been to Italy many times but have never done any wine touring so we thought we would try it out. We are huge fans of Napa and have been there many times so our bar was set very high and we were not really sure if this would be something like what we were accustomed to in the States. Cris provided way more than we expected. He listened to exactly what we wanted to get out of the tour and provided it 100%. We went to 4 wineries and each one was amazing. The tutorial provided by the business owner was enlightening, the people were engaging and delightful. Cris is very well versed in the area and knew the winery owners and was able to get us right up and personal. It was fantastic! We wanted to do more of a local type lunch, not something fancy and we ate in a taverna that was owned by a husband and wife. Every bit of food we ate was made by them and was amazing. The wine and the beer all locally brewed was delicious. Honestly we have been blessed to do many fabulous things in our lives, and this tour honestly ranks right up there with one of them. I highly highly advise seeking our Cris if you are in the region-hes the best!