Luca was fantastic!

We took a day trip from Verona to Prosecco last minute, and Luca was ever so kind to arrange the whole thing the night before at 9pm. He even went above and beyond to help us book the right trains to get to where we needed. We spent four hours touring two different vineyards and made a stop at the vending machine. Luca was very informative and pleasant to spend the day with. Overall it was a 100 out of 10 experience and we can’t wait to go back for more next time!

My only regret was we didn’t have longer (we booked for 4 hours) but that had nothing to do with Luca and everything to do with us booking at the very last moment. I recommend at least 6 hours if you can swing it, even though I could have easily have spent the the entire day. Don’t hesitate to book a tour with Luca and enjoy your experience through Prosecco!