Great Driver – and positively aim for harvest time (mid-late September)

What can I say other than THANK YOU!!!

We did a trip for my wife’s 40th and basically did exactly what you told us to do. IT WAS AWESOME. We went mid September – harvest time. Some people said not to go at that time because some winery’s do not have time to do tastings. But I would say aim for that date because the aromas as you pass vineyards being harvested manage to compete with the staggeringly breath-taking views.

I tried to book Oriana as our driver based on reviews on this website but she was not free. Instead she put me in touch with a colleague of hers (Christiano) who was nothing short of magnificent. He was friendly, knowledgeable and a very safe driver. What’s more he was a tremendously lovely bloke. He arranged a return trip for us the next day with Oriana so they work together. He turned up in a convertible and it was our good luck. While I was not bothered about a convertible before I am so glad we got it. Because we could see so much more of the view and we could smell the aromas. And hey – we looked cool with a handsome man driving us around. We stayed in Follina at the hotel Abbazia and ate at their restaurant. We were awoken by the tinkling water of the river and the beautiful bells of the local monastery. I could rave on and on but in summary:
Do go for harvest time
Get a convertible if you can
Don’t rush it – take 2 days on the tour
Use Christiano or Oriana to drive you around
Treat yourself to the hotel Abbazia and their restaurant.
Do go to the vending machine place. If not for the Prosecco but for the view. It is quite busy these days but you wouldn’t go to London and not visit Buck Palace!
Chill, relax and enjoy the scenery
We did 2 days in Venice after. Amazingly the Prosecco region made our time in Venice an anti-climax!!

If anyone has any questions I’d be happy to try answer them. I cannot stop raving about the place.

Thanks again. Nick and Louise.