Best Day of Our Trip

My husband and I were spending time in Venice for our honeymoon, and we decided to spend a day in the Prosecco region. The last thing I wanted was to spend hundreds of dollars for a cookie-cutter tour at a commercial winery, flooded with other tourists. I found this site, and I’ll be honest, the lack of reviews made me a little nervous. However, the reviews are only minimal because this is a fairly new operation, and rest assured, it has NOTHING to do with the quality of the experience. We spent 4 hours with Cris and it was by far, our favorite day of our entire trip. From the moment we began corresponding with Cris via email, he was nothing but friendly and professional. Our tour began the second we got in the car, as Cris shared with us information about the Prosecco region. We visited two wineries where we were greeted with a private tasting of some of the best wines we have ever tasted (proof – we couldn’t help but ship 6 bottles home, and we wish we’d shipped more). At the first winery, we were actually given a tour of the facility by one of the owners. Our day ended with an amazing, delicious, authentic lunch at a restaurant completely hidden from tourists, the owners, who were the ones taking care of us, didn’t speak a word of English, and obviously it was the best meal we ate during our entire stay in Italy. The region was beautiful and a much-needed break from the busy, crowded streets of Venice. We could not recommend this experience enough. It was a great value and an excellent experience. We would do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you, Cris!