How Can I Help You Plan Your Visit to Prosecco?

Plan a visit to Prosecco Italy

The idea for this website for this website came to me as I watched the hills of Prosecco rolling by outside the car window. I confess, I may have consumed a glass of Prosecco or two but alcohol can often be a creative lubricant, especially drinks of the fizzy variety.

While my student idea to set up a curry capes business (capes for drunk people to wear when they eat curry) may not have been the best drunk creative inspiration, a website dedicated to helping people explore the Prosecco region has, so far, been a hit.

Apart from the obvious point – why didn’t a dedicated Prosecco travel website exist already – the questions that have been coming in have highlighted how there isn’t enough good information out there. At the moment, at lot of answers to the questions I’m receiving are held only in my head and are sent out in email replies on a person by person basis. I plan to fix that in a series of blog posts covering a range of topics that will make it easier for you to plan a trip to the Prosecco region of Italy.

Plan a visit to Prosecco – What do you want to know?

This site is very new (December 2017) but I’ll be adding more content weekly, starting with food and a post on what to eat in the Prosecco region…because where there is Prosecco there must surely be food. Spoiler: truffle fries are on the list.

But what else would you like to see? What questions have you spent too long online researching without a good answer? As well as my own experiences, I have local contacts in the Prosecco region who never cease to impress me with their inside info. From cooking classes to restaurants and rooms, just ask. I’ve set up this website to help you so drop me an email below and let me know what you’d like to see on this site and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

In the meantime, I already have information on this site covering:

Where to Stay in the Prosecco Region

Where to Eat in the Prosecco Region

How to Get to the Prosecco Region

Book a Tour of the Prosecco Region

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I’m open to recommendations too. If you’ve visited the Prosecco region already (I know some of my readers are booked for a return visit already) and have a place you’d like to shout about, let me know below.

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