how to choose good Prosecco guide

How to Choose Good Prosecco

There’s nothing like a chilled, crisp glass of Prosecco. Whether sipped on its own or using its aromatic fizz to elevate flavours in a cocktail, a glass of fruity, sparkling wine can lift the spirits and transport you to the verdant hills of northern Italy. But how can you tell if you’re drinking good Prosecco? When toasting a special occasion, Prosecco can be charmingly inexpensive; but have you selected the very best and is it authentic rather than imitation? Spending some time learning a little bit about the bubbly stuff and its origins could make the difference between an average...Read More

There’s a Prosecco Vending Machine in Italy – Here’s How To Visit

Worried about Coronavirus?  You can read more here. I remember the day I took my first flight on my first around the world trip. Stood at Heathrow airport, backpack on, filled with nervous excitement. I felt like all of the previous years of my life had somehow coalesced to bring me to this wonderful, life-changing, life-enhancing moment. Things would never be the same again. My whole world was about to shift. Can you picture it? It was a pretty spectacular feeling and I'm telling you that because that excitement - that sense of wonder - was nothing compared to the...Read More