+10 Italy Travel Blog Posts To Help You Plan Your Italy Trip

Alternative venice things to do in venice

It’s fair to say that I’ve visited Italy more than any other country in the world and I’ve picked up a few travel tips along the way. I know that many of you will be visiting the Prosecco region of Italy as part of a broader trip to Italy and, even, Europe. So, I thought … Read more

Flying with wine: How To Get Your Wine Home

Flying with wine how to get your wine home

When you’re visiting vineyards and wineries in other countries, you’re bound to want to bring a few bottles of your favourite wine home with you. Which throws up the obvious question – how? Travelling with wine can be a difficult task, particularly the awkward feat of flying with wine. Can you put wine in checked … Read more

How Can I Help You Plan Your Visit to Prosecco?

Plan a visit to Prosecco Italy

The idea for this website for this website came to me as I watched the hills of Prosecco rolling by outside the car window. I confess, I may have consumed a glass of Prosecco or two but alcohol can often be a creative lubricant, especially drinks of the fizzy variety. While my student idea to … Read more

Best Websites for Booking Your Visit to Prosecco Italy

Did you know that in 2010 I quit my job as a lawyer and ventured off around for the world for a year…which turned into two years and, before I knew it, had turned into six. The only thing that put a stop to my nomadic lifestyle was rupturing my knee ligaments while I was … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about visiting the Prosecco region of Italy

How does the pick-up/transfer work? The two most popular options for starting your tour are: Taking the train to a local station within the Prosecco region, and your driver will meet you at the station; and Book a transfer – your driver will pick you up. Extra charge applies. Taking the train is cheaper and … Read more

Where to Eat in the Prosecco Region of Italy

Where to Eat in the Prosecco region of Italy

I have a special gift – I seem to have the same number of stomachs as a cow; something that comes in particularly handy when I’m grazing my way around the restaurants of the Prosecco region. What follows is a list of where to eat in the Prosecco region. I have eaten at all of … Read more

The Best Prosecco Vineyards to Visit

There are over 100 wineries in the Prosecco DOCG area alone. So, unless you’ve just framed your oenologist certificate, picking which vineyards to visit in the Prosecco region is going to be a little like aiming a cork in the dark. The simple way to do it – book one of our Prosecco tours and … Read more

Where is the Prosecco Region of Italy?

The short answer is that Italy’s Prosecco region is in the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia Regions, in the Northwest of Italy. In terms of visiting the Prosecco region to go wine tasting, it’s only one hour away from Venice. In this article, I will share a little bit more information about the Prosecco region. If … Read more

Where to Stay – Best of the Prosecco Region

Prosecco Accommodation main

Below is a list of accommodation options within the Prosecco region. Some of these I’ve stayed at personally, some I’ve just visited and although I didn’t spend the night, they are places I’d definitely stay in future. Others I’ve selected based on good reviews from past readers who’ve taken trips with our drivers and a … Read more

How to Get to the Prosecco Region Italy

Visit Prosecco italy How to Get to the Prosecco Region map of Venice

What does ‘the Prosecco region’ mean? On this page, I’ll use Conegliano as the main point of reference for getting to the Prosecco region. Why? Because it is accessible by public transport as well as by road. It’s also the start point for the famous Prosecco Road (Strada del Vino di Prosecco). I have more … Read more