What is Prosecco? Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Got a question about Prosecco? I’m here to answer it. From the basics of what is Prosecco wine and what is the difference between Prosecco and Champagne to the best Prosecco brands and how to serve Prosecco, I have everything you want to know about Prosecco wine (but didn’t want to ask). About me: I … Read more

12 Easy Prosecco Cocktails To Make At Home

We all know that Prosecco is a tasty tipple served on its own, but did you know that Northern Italy’s famous sparkling wine also makes a great ingredient for cocktails? Whether it’s for impressing friends at a party or enjoying with a loved one at home on a Friday night, here are 12 easy Prosecco … Read more

How To Choose The Best Prosecco – 10 Top Tips

how to choose good Prosecco guide

There’s nothing like a chilled, crisp glass of Prosecco. Whether sipped on its own or using its aromatic fizz to elevate flavours in a cocktail, a glass of fruity, sparkling wine can lift the spirits and transport you to the verdant hills of northern Italy. But how can you tell if you’re drinking good Prosecco? … Read more

Want to Taste Prosecco? Don’t Go To Trieste

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you know you’re about to deliver bad news. And there’s no way around it. I’ve had that feeling a lot recently. And it starts with an email or chat message that opens a little something like this… “What are the best Prosecco vineyards to visit near … Read more

Where to Stay in Conegliano – Italy’s Prosecco Road

Where to stay in Conegliano Italy Prosecco Road Italy

Conegliano is a town located on the Strada del Prosecco – Prosecco Road. Linking Conegliano to Valdobbiadene, the Prosecco Road winds its way through the scenic Prosecco hills and is a great backbone for planning your wine tasting in the Prosecco region. While staying deep in the hills will offer the best views of the … Read more

Prosecco Calendar – Italy’s National Holidays & Prosecco Events

Prosecco calendar overlay on a desk with a plant

Whether you’re planning to visit Italy’s Prosecco region to go wine tasting, planning a trip to Italy more generally, or looking for a good excuse to drink Prosecco (we have a few), here are the key dates, holidays and timings to keep in mind. Note: since we’re a Prosecco website, we focus on activities and … Read more

Where to Stay in Venice, Italy

Where to stay in Venice main

Where to stay in Venice can be a tricky decision. Don’t worry, in this guide I’ll take you through the best places to stay in Venice, the best hotels in Venice, the best hostels in Venice for those on a budget and a few Venice apartment rentals. As a regular visitor to Venice (for my … Read more

The Best Italian Christmas Markets to Visit

Italy Christmas Markets

The Italian Christmas Markets may be less well known than their European counterparts in the likes of Germany and Switzerland, but that doesn’t make Italy’s ‘Mercatino di Natale’ any less magical. From the elaborate nativity scenes to tasty local delicacies such as Panettone and vin brule (mulled wine), Italy’s Christmas Markets will have you feeling festive … Read more