Stunning area and Prosecco

We hired Oriana. She picked us up at Coruda station & we travelled the Prosecco Rd to Valdobbiadene area. Visited La Tordera winery, a small newly renovated place. A delightful very knowledgable girl called Jasmine hosted our tastings of 3 Proseccos. The second winery , Col Vetoraz, a bigger venture and quite commercialised, charged 6 Euros to taste. The woman was OK, not as interested or interesting as Jasmyne. Beautiful proseccos though. Unfortunately we were under pressure from Oriana to hurry at the first winery & at the second as it was past their closing time then we didn’t go to anymore places. We were expecting to go to at least 3 or 4 wineries as advertised, but according to Oriana due to time, maybe siesta time? We finished our tour early so not sure why that happened.

Also we wanted to go to the stone hut near Col Veteraz for lunch, where you help yourself to meats, cheese etc and leave the money & get Prosecco from the vending machine. A bit of a novelty. Oriana convinced us that she had a better place run by her friends. It was not great, an enormous plate of meat, cheese & a few vegetables. Not good for our vegetarian member of the party. Plus, it was very expensive. Wouldn’t do that again.

The countryside was drop dead beautiful around Valdobbiadene & well worth a visit but it turned out to be very expensive for the car and driver, lunch, tasting costs for visiting just two wineries.

Reply from Jo at Visit Prosecco Italy

Hi Diane, thank you for taking the time to give your honest feedback. Both Oriana and I are so very sorry that your trip didn’t meet your expectations. I’ve been working with Oriana for well over a year and the glowing reviews below are typical of the feedback I receive both through this page and via email. I’ve looked over the booking and have spoken to Oriana and I’m leaving this reply to add a bit of clarity for the benefit of other readers. This is not intended to undermine your personal experience. All feedback is welcome and helps us do better.

  • this website and the booking process, including my welcome email and emails with your driver are all clear that within 4 hours you can expect to visit 1-2 wineries. I’m sorry that you were under the impression that 3-4 wineries were included. Oriana did make it clear in her email that this would be possible with a 6-hour visit only.
  • Likewise, my welcome email is clear that the wineries close during lunch. I have, however, taken the opportunity to include this information on the pricing page to be extra clear.
  • I understand that Oriana suggested the lunch place because you were travelling with a vegetarian friend, which the stone hut/osteria does not cater for given it’s bread, meat and cheese only. The place she recommended accommodated your bread, meat and cheese lunch plans while also serving local vegetables at a cost of around €10 per person. Again, apologies that this suggestion didn’t turn out to be what you were looking for.

I’m truly sorry that your visit to the Prosecco region didn’t turn out to be the highlight you’d hoped it would be. If you are ever back in Italy, I invite you to email me and I’ll personally help you design an itinerary that I’m confident will exceed your expectations. Ultimately, that is my goal – to help people see the wonders of this part of the world and I hope you give the region a second try.