Awesome Prosecco tour!

Travelled 4/29/19. I am so thankful to Jo for her blog IndianaJo and visitproseccoitaly. Jo was very responsive and helpful every time I had a question regarding the Treviso area and the Prosecco tour. Christiano was supposed to be our guide however he got sick but he arranged another guide for us, Alessio who was a great guide. Alessio picked us up at the Susegana train station. Took us to 2 really wonderful DCOG wineries and had a wonderful lunch at this great trattoria. It was raining slightly when we arrived at the station but the beauty of the Prosecco region just took our breath away. It is truly a beautiful place. The sun finally came out on our tour. Thank you Alessio for giving us the experience of a lifetime! We will surely go back to the Prosecco region again soon. This is a one of a kind experience. Thank you Jo for your great insights on Venice and the Prosecco region! The response of the guides were quick. Chris was awesome, unfortunately we did not get a chance to meet him. Hopefully we will get to meet him and see Alessio (our fantastic guide) again on our next trip and we will definitely stay for a couple of days and call on visitproseccoitaly on our next trip. Prosecco Italy tour is highly recommended!