Highlight of our Trip

What a wonderful experience!
We (my husband and I with our 2 teenagers and 10 year old) booked a day trip to the Prosecco hills with Oriana!
To start we missed our train but Oriana saved the day and was able to give us an alternative train station and we arrived just a little later than our original scheduled time! She is the sweetest person you will ever meet! It was truly our pleasure to spend the day with her. She is so knowledgable about the hills, the wine process and wineries. It was beautiful to see the pride she takes not only in her job but in her town and country.
We toured the hills on the 30th of December and many wineries were closed for the holidays but we were able to visit 3 spectacular wineries with delicious Prosecco. My husband and I can assure you that we have found a new appreciation for great Prosecco!! I can not say one bad thing about any of the wineries or their selection!
We decided to buy enough Prosecco to last a year… haha!
Being just in our first half of our vacation, Oriana arranged our boxes to be shipped to us here in the US. She took care of everything and we have been able to track our shipment without any issues.
She also took us to the famous “Prosecco vending machine” (that was on my bucket list) and to a wonderful family owned restaurant with best pasta!
Visiting wineries with children is not the most ideal situation, but sometimes its the only way to visit them if you are on a family vacation. It was so nice to feel welcomed with our children and for everyone to be so kind to them! Oriana and all the wonderful ladies at the wineries and the wonderful owners of the restaurant were just the kindest!
Thank you for making this possible through your blog and I highly recommend to everyone!