Great Experience

Our driver Chris was awesome! His driving was great. He was very knowledgeable about the region, its history, and the local wineries producing great Prosecco! I worked with him directly to plan out our day, he offered some suggestions and I sent some wineries that I was interested in and we planned out a great day! He showed us some amazing places throughout the region and even went out of his way to get us a train ticket home as we sat for our second Prosecco tasting. Our visit to Marchiori with the wine maker, Umberto Marchiori was an incredible opportunity and experience tasting the still wines from 5 different grapes that are grown in the region that add their individual characteristics to Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG! It was an awesome day and we were so happy with Chris. We were glad to hear he was training to be a sommelier as he was able to provide us with more information about the wines from the region. We recommended Visit Prosecco to my brother and his fiance. They booked a trip with Chris to visit a couple more great wineries on their honeymoon.