A fabulous day away from the crowds, easily done from Venice

We booked an afternoon Prosecco tour with a local guide, Chris, who met us at the Conegliano train station for a wonderful afternoon, mostly in the DOCG. Chris was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. He pre-arranged tastings at two great wineries with both traditional ties and futuristic vision. It was a wonderful sunny day and the beauty of the area is spectacular. This afternoon was just what the doctor ordered after battling crowds in Rome and Venice. I hope it doesn’t really catch on because the serenity and personal attention was so satisfying. Although the wine making techniques are fully as modern as Nappa, the tasting scene is much less developed. We had time to visit the vending machine and relax further with a bottle of Valdobiadenne brut Prosecco and salami with tremendous views of the region — what a concept. Chris recommended we return from Colnago, so we could maximize our time near “Valdo” which was good advice and easy. The little country station was a good contrast to the giant urban train stations as well. We were staying in Venice and couldn’t come out until afternoon because of a morning conference. This worked and was one of my favorite days on our 10 day Italy trip. If you are staying in a nearby city like Venice, this is a great alternative activity. I would highly consider staying in the region because it’s that wonderful.