Imagine tasting the world’s finest Prosecco

in the region of Italy where it’s grown

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Located an hour outside Venice, you’ll find the Treviso region,

Home to Italy’s famous sparkling wine, Prosecco

Visit Prosecco Italy Prosecco Region Views hills

A place where vines cling to undulating hills, small Italian villages punctuate the landscape and Italy’s coveted dolce vita exists in all its finery, the Prosecco region is, as yet, unspoilt by tourism.

And don’t we want to keep it that way?

I’ve a travel blogger and I’ve set up this website to help you see this beautiful part of Italy in a responsible and affordable way.

You can read more about why I started this website on my about page.

As for what you can expect here, Visit Prosecco Italy is not a tour company. I’m a tourist just like you who. And over several trips to the Prosecco region, I have made some wonderful connections with local drivers and family vineyards. I’ve eaten in a lot of local restaurants and slept in many beds.

My aim with this website is to help you put it all together to create your dream trip to the region. The drivers I have connected with are expert at crafting a bespoke itinerary for your day at the vineyards. Add accommodation and restaurants and you have the perfect trip to the Prosecco region, most likely for less money, and with a superior experience than you’d get on a package tour.

Testament and testimonials: I launched this site in January 2018 on a passionate whim. I didn’t realise that in under a year I would help hundreds of readers take their dream trip to the Prosecco region. All credit goes to the drivers and local businesses I work with. If you want to read reviews from people who have already booked their trips using Visit Prosecco Italy, you can find them here.

What Next?

Book a driver, find a room, eat local and explore the many family-run vineyards.

Visit Prosecco Italy is here to help you do just that.

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